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Chapter 2168: Picking Up Treasures (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

After she learned that what she had in her hands were genuine divine items, Shen Yanxiao immediately took out some water and a handkerchief from her interspatial ring and carefully wiped the bracelet, Pandoras box, and those beads over and over again.

After the dust was washed away, the true appearance of these treasures was revealed.

Pandoras box was entirely black, with several gems shining with a strange light embedded in the pattern.

The color of every elemental crystal was different, and Shen Yanxiao even felt that she could distinguish their attributes according to the color.

“These crystals are beautiful.” Shen Yanxiao picked up a red crystal.

The flame-like red made her subconsciously associate it with Vermilion Bird.

“When I find an unusual flame, I must use these elemental crystals to make something.” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

Pandoras box was so small that it could not fit anything too big.

It looked like she could only put some ornaments in it.


Suddenly, an idea surfaced in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

Even though Pandoras box was not big, it could still fit a smaller sacred tool.

If the already powerful sacred tool was infused with the power of elements…

Shen Yanxiaos lips slightly raised.

This was simply wonderful!!!

“Xiu, lets go now.

We have to get to Kumu Mountain as soon as possible!” A beautiful future beckoned to Shen Yanxiao.

She could not wait to get the unusual flame of Kumu Mountain.

She could almost imagine that as long as she could get the unusual flame and successfully perform alchemy, she would create the most perfect batch of sacred tools for her companions!

Devil race or whatnot, come on!

Xiu patted Shen Yanxiaos head and placed her on the ground before returning to her body.

Vermilion Bird was summoned.

At Shen Yanxiaos signal, Vermilion Bird quietly transformed into a firebird and quickly flew away from the dense forest towards Kumu Mountain!

For the next few days, Shen Yanxiao continued to rest during the day and set off at night.

During this period, Shen Yanxiao also attended several other dwarf bazaars.

Because she was very satisfied with picking up such high-quality goods at a cheap price last time, Shen Yanxiao would carefully search all the stalls she passed by, praying that she could get lucky again!

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she searched, she could not find what she needed.

Just as Shen Yanxiao continued to travel with a depressed heart, Qiqi Luo had returned to the Qiqi Tribe with the intermediate-level potion Shen Yanxiao gave him.

As soon as he returned to his tribe, Qiqi Luo immediately dashed into the lab.

Several old dwarves were standing in front of the table, tossing the potions in their hands.

“Qiqi Luo, youre back at the right time.

Were too busy here.

Hurry up and help me get a stalk of Dreaming Grass.” A dwarf with a beard carefully observed the extraction of the medicinal ingredients while urging Qiqi Luo, who had just returned.

“Teacher! I encountered something interesting when I went to the bazaar this time.” Qiqi Luo grabbed the requested medicinal ingredient and handed it to the bearded dwarf.

He could not wait to tell his teacher about his encounter with Shen Yanxiao in the bazaar.

“Whats the matter Why do I feel that youre a little late this time Didnt you say you were supposed to arrive last night” Qiqi Luos teacher did not think that his stupid disciple would discover anything interesting.

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