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Chapter 2161: Bazaar (5)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

In the entire bazaar, Shen Yanxiaos booth was the most lively.

Wave after wave of guests came and went.

Batch after batch of potions were sold.

Shen Yanxiaos hands were cramped from collecting money.

“No more.” After selling more than a thousand bottles of low-level potions in a row, Shen Yanxiao finally announced the end of todays sale.

There was still a portion of low-level potions in her interspatial ring, but it was getting late.

She planned to stroll around the bazaar to see if there was anything she needed.

She had to continue her journey at night.

“No way!”


“Ive been queuing for more than an hour!”

“Wuhuhu, you cant do this.”

The dwarves who had been waiting in the queue were struck with tragedy.

Just before this, they were eagerly carrying their wallets, preparing to buy potions, but what they got in return was this news.

It was like a bolt from the blue!

Shen Yanxiao secretly chuckled.

Even though the money she earned today was not enough to fill the gaps between her teeth, it was still a pleasure to sell all the low-level potions that she had hoarded for a long time.

As the sale ended, the reluctant dwarves could only leave dejectedly.

But there was a dwarf who stood on one side from beginning to end.

That was the original owner of this booth.

From the moment Shen Yanxiao began to sell potions until she sold out, the dwarf had been crouching on one side, watching Shen Yanxiao take out better and better potions with increasingly horrified eyes.

His eyes nearly popped out.

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