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Chapter 2160: Bazaar (4)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The dwarf swallowed his saliva and said, “These potions… were all made by you”

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She did not dare to take out the intermediate or advanced-level potions.

She was now using Great Herbalists potions, so she no longer needed intermediate or advanced-level potions.

However, she had not seen any intermediate-level potions or above being sold in the dwarf bazaar before, so she did not dare to take them out in case she would stand out and be discovered by the dwarves.

Dwarves used the same potions as humans, so Shen Yanxiao was not worried that they would find the difference between these low-level potions.

“You did it alone” The dwarf stared at Shen Yanxiao.



“…” The dwarf felt that he was frightened.

He immediately crouched down and looked at the potions Shen Yanxiao put out.

Pure, clear, and without any impurities.

Looking at these potions and thinking about the ones he had made, the dwarfs self-confidence was hit like never before, and he stood there in a daze.

Shen Yanxiao did not pay much attention to him because customers had already arrived!

“There are still potions here! Ah, the boss has changed.” Several dwarves, who had just failed to grab any potions, happened to pass by and found that there was another pile of potions on the empty stall, which made them very happy.

“How much is this!” A group of dwarves immediately roared.

No matter how ignorant they were, they knew that the batch of potions in front of them was much better than the previous batch.

After all, the purity of the potions could be easily seen.

Shen Yanxiao hesitated for a moment.

She really didnt know the price of the goods on the dwarfs side.

Just now, she was so busy watching the show that she didnt see how much the dwarf was selling.

Shen Yanxiao subconsciously looked at the stunned dwarf.

She seemed to remember that the dwarf sold a bottle for three gold coins

The dwarf was slightly stunned.

He seemed to understand Shen Yanxiaos doubts and immediately said to the dwarves who wanted to buy, “Five gold coins!”

Five gold coins, two more gold coins than what he had just quoted earlier!

“Give me five bottles!”

“I want seven bottles!”

“I want three bottles!”

Although the price had risen, the dwarves enthusiasm for potions had not subsided at all.

The dwarves acted as if these potions were free and would be bought without even blinking an eye.

While handing out potions to the dwarves, Shen Yanxiao nodded gratefully to the potion-selling dwarf.

The potion-selling dwarf scratched his head in embarrassment.

He had a reason for raising the price of Shen Yanxiaos potions.

Although his potions were similar to the ones Shen Yanxiao sold, there was a huge gap in their purity.

He just felt that Shen Yanxiaos potions were worth the money.

Soon, more than a hundred bottles of potions put out by Shen Yanxiao had been sold out.

The dwarves who had not been able to buy them were all dejected, lamenting that they had missed it again.

However, before they could disperse, Shen Yanxiao took out another batch from her interspatial ring.

The quality of this batch looked even better than the previous batch!

“One for six gold coins!” The dwarf crouching on one side immediately quoted a new price before Shen Yanxiao could open her mouth.

Even so, it did not scare away the enthusiasm of those buyers.

The potions on Shen Yanxiaos booth were swept away in batches without stopping.

In the bazaar, more and more dwarves came to buy potions with money in their pockets and lined up.

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