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Chapter 2158: Bazaar (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Metal, ore, weapons, mechanical puppets…

These warfare items that humans dreamed of were not popular in the dwarf bazaar.

In front of the stalls that sold these items in large quantities, they were all cold and cheerless.

The dwarves who set up their stalls were not in a hurry.

One by one, they were either wielding their weapons or examining the various parts of a mechanical puppet.

Instead, there were several categories of goods that were crowded with dwarves.

“Boss! Five hemostatic bandages!”

“Three bottles of sobering potion!”


A group of dwarves crowded in front of a small booth, shouting out what they needed one by one.

Shen Yanxiao squeezed her way through with great difficulty and saw all kinds of potion bottles placed on the ground.

A somewhat dull-looking dwarf was crouching behind the ground, tidying up the goods for the customers in a flurry.

Dwarves, due to their personality, often incurred injuries in their lives.

Hemostatic bandages and hemostatic potions were the most common things they used, but herbalists were an extremely rare profession among dwarves.

Dwarves loved alchemy by nature.

If you wanted them to give up alchemy and study herbalism instead, you might as well kill them.

Only a few dwarves who were not skilled in alchemy had to switch to herbalism, but this kind of herbalist could not even catch up with the most ordinary herbalist apprentice in the Brilliance Continent.

The only potions they could make were the most basic ones.

For example, the potions put out by this dwarf, Shen Yanxiao could make them just three days after she came into contact with herbalism, and the purity of her potions was much better than these turbid potions.

However, in Shen Yanxiaos eyes, a potion that was not a finished product at all was unexpectedly popular in the dwarf bazaar!

When those dwarves who ignored the precious ores saw these potions, they really began to spend money like dirt without even blinking.

Not long afterwards, all the potions in the dwarfs booth were swept away, and the dwarves who did not manage to grab any continued to look for other stalls that sold potions.

Shen Yanxiao was shocked by the scene before her.

She really wondered if those potions that were mixed with herbal dregs could be used.

Would they really not die from drinking those waste products

Shen Yanxiao remembered that there were still many low-level potions in her interspatial ring that she had used for practice.

These potions had been in her interspatial ring for a long time.

After Ye Qing arrived at the Forsaken Land and began to nurture herbalists, the low-level potions in Shen Yanxiaos hands had been reduced to ordinary drinking water.

In the entire Forsaken Land, no one would use potions below the intermediate level.

Shen Yanxiao usually used these low-level potions as snacks for Taotie.

Shen Yanxiao looked at those inferior potions and then at the pure low-level potions in her interspatial ring.

She simply stepped forward to the dwarf who had sold out the potions.

“Im sorry, its all sold out.

Please come back another day.” The dwarf, who had made a lot of money, thought that there was another customer and quickly explained.

“Im not buying potions.” Shen Yanxiao said, “I just want to borrow this place of yours.”

“Ah” The dwarf was obviously stunned for a moment.

Only then did he look up at the other party, only to see a strange fellow wrapped in a cloak, revealing only a pair of big eyes.

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