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Chapter 2155: Unusual Flames (4)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Shen Yanxiao was an action-oriented person.

After knowing the location of Kumu Mountain, she immediately called Vermilion Bird over and prepared to leave at night.

During her absence, Taotie would disguise himself as her to prevent Momo An and Momo Ke from discovering that she had lied to them.

Shen Yanxiao originally intended to have the Dragon God fly to Kumu Mountain.

After all, the Dragon Gods flying speed was far faster than Vermillion Bird.

But as soon as the Dragon God heard that Shen Yanxiao was going to find elemental spirits, he immediately shook his head like a rattle.

“No! I wont go even if you beat me to death!” The Dragon God clung to a wall with a horrified expression.

“…” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

How come when the Dragon God heard the name of the elemental spirits, it was as if someone had stepped on his tail


“Those guys are not human! They are a group of monsters!” The Dragon God was wailing, his voice was filled with mournfulness.

They are not humans to begin with… Shen Yanxiao muttered to herself.

“Little Xiao, dont go.

Those guys are so scary.

They have no sense of logic at all.

They can kill you just like that.” The Dragon God wept with tears and snot on his face.

It turned out that before he became a god, when he was still abusing his power in the Hidden Dragon Continent, he once met a lightning elemental spirit somewhere in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

At that time, the Dragon God was arrogant with his nostrils turned to the sky.

Meeting an elemental spirit for the first time, he was filled with curiosity and wanted to compare notes with these legendary natural creatures that were comparable to gods…

As a result, for the first time, the Dragon God had a taste of a life worse than death.

The scorched black Dragon God, who had been struck by lightning one after another, simply thought that he was going to die.

No matter how he explained to the elemental spirit that he was just being curious and not ready to be his enemy, the elemental spirit still bombarded him.

The Dragon God tried his best back then to resist, but he could not leave a single scar on the elemental spirit.

It was simply a nightmare.

Wherever the Dragon God was, the surrounding hundreds of miles were blasted into scorched by lightning.

If it were not for the Dragon Gods rough skin and thick flesh, he would have died there that day.

From then on, the Dragon God had a phobia of elemental spirits.

If Xiu usually beat the Dragon God like a sandbag, then the elemental spirits did not treat the Dragon God as a living being at all…

To make matters worse, there were still five elemental spirits where Shen Yanxiao was going this time, and her purpose was to steal the unusual flame they were guarding.

In the eyes of the Dragon God, this was tantamount to seeking death!

“Xiu is not in his complete form right now.

If he were in his complete form, he could still fight against elemental spirits, but now… youd better not go.” The Dragon God looked at Shen Yanxiao very sincerely.

In his impression, elemental spirits were more terrifying than Xiu.

He never wanted to deal with such a creature in his life!

“Are you saying that Xiu cant beat them” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

Trouble came from speaking too much.

The Dragon God was doomed this time.

The Dragon God trembled all over.

Just as he realized what he had said, he was directly smashed into the wall by Xiu, who had flashed out of Shen Yanxiaos body.

Shen Yanxiao covered her face.

How dare he say in front of Xiu that he could not beat elemental spirits The Dragon God was courting death!

“I… I didnt… say that on purpose…” The Dragon God, who was “embedded” in a wall, uttered in a broken voice with great difficulty.

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