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Chapter 2152: Unusual Flames (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

In order to check the usability of the furnace, Momo An and Momo Ke used the same furnace to smelt a piece of black iron.

In the end, they succeeded!

Seeing that, Shen Yanxiaos expression became even more sad.

“Chieftain, how about… you try smelting bronze first” Momo An tactfully suggested.

He swore that he was not saying this because the Chieftain was a novice alchemist!

But without a doubt, bronze was easier to smelt than black iron.

He just wanted the Chieftain to slowly get the hang of it!


After all, the Chieftain was very knowledgeable.

She knew about the profound meaning of duels, and was the only enchanter among the dwarves.

As for learning alchemy… there was absolutely no problem, right!

The Chieftain must have been too tired during this period!

Momo An and Momo Ke already regarded Shen Yanxiao as an omnipotent super dwarf, so this little mistake was directly ignored by them.

Shen Yanxiao struggled for a moment and helplessly picked up a piece of bronze to smelt it.

However, with a crisp sound, the pitiful soul in the bronze was declared dead…

“…” Shen Yanxiao could no longer describe her mood in words.

“Chieftain, theres nothing wrong with what you did.

What is the problem here” The two dwarves, who had observed the whole smelting process, were also confused.

They thought that something had gone wrong during the smelting process, which led to Shen Yanxiaos failure, but now it seemed that Shen Yanxiao had done every step of the whole smelting process perfectly.

By right, it should not fail.

“Maybe the fire is not suitable for the Chieftain to use” Momo Ke proposed with some uncertainty.

After discussing for a long time, Momo An and Momo Ke could only come to the conclusion that Shen Yanxiao and the Hundred Smelting Fires aura did not match.

But the Momo Tribe only had one kind of fire, which was the Hundred Smelting Fire.

Throughout the Storm Continent, ninety percent of dwarven alchemists used Hundred Smelting Fire to smelt ores.

Unusual flames were very precious no matter which continent it was.

In the Storm Continent, only a few alchemists had their own unique unusual flames, and alchemists who could have unusual flames, whether in their progression of alchemy skills or the completion of their work, far exceeded the dwarves who used a hundred smelting fire.

Countless alchemists had worked hard to find traces of unusual flames, but the number of people who could really find them could be counted on one hand.

Unusual flames had a fatal attraction to alchemists, but unfortunately, there were too few of them.

Every kind of unusual flame had been produced by the essence of heaven and earth.

The flames of these unusual flames were unique, and only those who possessed these flames could use them.

Others could not steal them even if they wanted to.

Every time an unusual flame was obtained, the number of unusual flames left in the world would decrease and the competitiveness for them would correspondingly increase.

In the Storm Continent, the known unusual flames could be said to have been already obtained by alchemists.

Thus, it was difficult to find new ones.

“Are there really no other flames available” Shen Yanxiao was depressed.

Alchemy was a very important skill for her to learn.

With alchemy, she could equip humans and other races with sacred tools, which would allow them to have a higher chance of survival on the battlefield in the future.

However, Shen Yanxiao could not perform such an important skill.

This was simply maddening!

Momo An looked at Shen Yanxiao with some difficulty.

He and Momo Ke looked at each other and hesitated to speak.

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