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Tang Nazhi did not dare to force him to go with him.

Even though Shen Jue had fragile-looking arms and legs, beneath his gentle temperament was an extremely determined person.

If he was unwilling to do something, then there was no use to his pestering.

After the Archer Divisions lessons had ended the next afternoon, the students did not immediately go in search of food, as they usually did.

Instead, all of them headed toward in shooting range in groups.

As that was the last day of the week, many challenges were expected to take place at the training ground.

The usually-bored students found their sole entertainment there, and they would rush to that place to watch the different duels that would take place there.

The Archer Divisions shooting range was jam-packed with spectators that day.

Most of the students went there just to watch, and there were only about ten students who were there for a duel challenge.

Wan Li was already at the shooting range, and a group of first-year students had gathered around him.

“Wan Li, are you really competing with that trash” The news about their challenge that week had traveled fast to every first-year student.

All of them mourned the ignorant challenger.

Wan Li had a smug look on his face as he said, “Since hes willing to challenge me, so why shouldnt I give him the chance to do so”

“But, how is he worthy of being your opponent” Among the first-year students, only a few could match Wan Lis strength.

Even though he was rather arrogant, he had the skills to show for it.

“I heard that teacher Xie Yun will also be coming today,” a student with insider news commented.

The other students immediately looked at Wan Li with envy.

“Look at how mu Teacher Xie Yun value you, Wan Li.

Since he knew that you are participating in a challenge, he is actually showing up to see it.”

As the head of the Archer Division, Xie Yun did not usually spectate the duels between the students.

However, it seemed like he would make an exception that day to go and watch it with the students.

Therefore, everyone concluded that he was only there because of Wan Li.

“Teacher Xie Yu did not even come when Senior Meng Yiheng took his challenges recently.

It looks like you have a huge reputation, Wan Li.”

Wan Li puffed out his chest proudly.

He did not know that Xie Yu would be there too, but since he got that information, he would undoubtedly do well in the challenge.

He was afraid that his opponent would be too weak, and thus, he would not have many opportunities to show off his skills.

Wan Li began to wonder about how he could embarrass Xiao Yan and prolong the duel so that he could perform well in front of Xie Yun.

Not long after that, Xie Yun arrived at the training ground, just as what the other student had commented.

The venue instantly silenced when he appeared, and everyones gaze shifted onto him.

The youngsters who waited eagerly to get into action also obediently stood at the side.

If Ouyang Huanyu was the idol of the entire Magus Division, then Xie Yun was the god in the hearts of everyone in the Archers Division.

Wan Li also became much more attentive, and he walked toward Xie Yun with a smile.

Then he said respectfully, “Teacher Xie Yun, youre here.”

Xie Yun nodded as he scanned the shooting range and let his thoughts wandered.

He heard from the other teachers that the kid he squeezed into the red class had challenged Wan Li from the violet class, and that information surprised him.

Xie Yun had some impression of that young man.

Even though he was rash, he was pretty talented too.

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