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Chapter 2140: You Are Cute, Your Family Is Cute (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Get them two larger chairs.” Shen Yanxiao still had a conscience and did not let them sit down on the spot.

The two dwarves immediately went to find a larger stool, but what they could find were just their dining tables.

The two strong men could only sit at the small table.

If they wanted to eat, they could only bend their backs.

There was no need to mention how stifled they felt.

Comrade Bian, who had a paralyzed face, was in a better state between the two.

But the Dragon God, on the other hand, had already left the bad impression of “this guy insults the dwarves” on Momo Li and others.

Now, although he was hanging the death exemption medallion of Shen Yanxiaos friend, the dwarves eyes on him were also quite unfriendly.


He already felt very cramped, and now he was surrounded by a group of dwarves with a disgusted expression.

The Dragon Gods heart was about to break.

How glorious was he in the Hidden Dragon Continent Which dragon did not worship him when they saw him How could he get treated like this the moment he arrived at the Storm Continent

The self-esteem of the Dragon God had been hurt badly.

“Chieftain, please eat.

These are the freshest fruits.

Also, the delicious soup is already boiling.

It will be served to you in a moment,” Momo An said with a smile.

“Youve worked hard,” Shen Yanxiao calmly said.

As long as she ignored her own attire, she could still be very calm!

Even a group of demons could be managed by her, let alone a group of dwarves.

“Not at all! We are very grateful that the Chieftain gave us such precious enchantment scrolls.” Momo Ke immediately opened his mouth.

God knew how flattered they were when Momo Li gave him and Momo An the warning scrolls.

The relationship between the dwarves and the elves was not harmonious.

The elves were cold and arrogant by nature, and the dwarves had a lot of pride in themselves.

When the two races met, they basically could not stand each other.

Elves looked down on the impatience of dwarves, while dwarves could not stand the pretentiousness of elves.

In any case, they disliked each other.

Therefore, there was basically no trade between dwarves and elves.

Not before the war between gods and devils, and not after.

Even though they despised each other, both elves and dwarves attached great importance to each others unique skills.

Elves respected dwarven alchemists, while dwarves respected the enchantment masters of elves.

The dwarves attached great importance to enchantment products, but unfortunately they could not get them.

How could they not be excited when Shen Yanxiao threw a dozen enchantment scrolls at them

“Youre welcome.

Ive also learned a little about the invaders.

I will draw some more enchantment scrolls in the future.

All of you have to be prepared.

Once you find the invaders, you have to use them immediately to prevent any member of your tribe from being taken away.” Shen Yanxiao was still quite apprehensive about Mo Yuxun.

If Mo Yuxuns fighting strength was comparable to Lan Fengli, then probably only the Dragon God and Xiu could take him down in their group.

If ordinary dwarves were to encounter him directly, they would not even have the ability to resist.

When they met Momo Li and the others before, if Shen Yanxiao hadnt happened to pass by, Momo Li and the others would have died at the hands of Mo Yuxun.

In the face of such a dangerous person, Shen Yanxiao had to be careful.

Not to mention that she had become the chieftain of the Momo Tribe, Ouyang Huanyus evil plan alone… she would never let him get what he wanted!

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