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Chapter 2138: You Are Cute, Your Family Is Cute (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

When night fell, the Momo Tribes celebration banquet began.

However, Shen Yanxiao, as the protagonist, stayed in the room with a depressed expression.

“Master, are you still not going Momo Li has come to ask several times.” Taotie sat on one side and timidly opened his mouth.

The banquet had begun, but Shen Yanxiao sat motionless in her room without any intention of going out.



“You want me to go out in this dress!” Shen Yanxiao, who was sitting on a chair, was dressed like a little princess.

Her pink tutu skirt was decorated with one bow after another, and the white bead chain ran along the skirt.

Coupled with her delicate and beautiful face, her cuteness was off the charts!

Shen Yanxiao had never had a good impression of things that were too feminine.

At that time in the Moon God Continent, the room that was dressed up by Wu En and the other elders had already made Shen Yanxiao unable to accept it.

Now, the clothes prepared by the dwarves for her were even more feminine than that room!

Pink color!!

A bow!

The gowns Momo Li sent over were all pink, and each one was decorated with countless bows.

They did not look like a chieftains clothes at all, but more like the clothes of a chieftains daughter…

Because she never thought that her dwarven bloodline would awaken so quickly, there was not even a single piece of clothing in Shen Yanxiaos interspatial ring that she could wear right now.

She could only brace herself and put on the clothes Momo Li had sent her.

The clothes on her body were the most comfortable, but the moment she put them on, Shen Yanxiao had the urge to die!

She subconsciously remembered that in her previous life, when she was still in the organization, she often saw those little princesses from wealthy families dressed like this at their birthday banquet.

As a bystander, Shen Yanxiao thought it was quite cute at that time, but now that she was wearing it…

Shen Yanxiao could not imagine it!

Shen Yanxiaos love for cute things had continued from her previous life to the present.

In the organization, Shen Yanxiaos only good friend once scoffed at Shen Yanxiaos love for cute things and despised her all day long.

She once said that instead of watching others act cute, she might as well wear a set of girly clothes and act cute herself.

At that time, this was just a joke, but she did not expect it to become a reality.

“If Wuxie were to see this… she would laugh me to death.” Shen Yanxiao subconsciously thought of her only remaining friend in her previous life, the one who aspired to be the number one doctor in the world, but ended up with a veterinary license and treating others in the organization… If Shen Yanxiao had to pick one thing she missed about her previous life, it was probably that unscrupulous veterinary friend.

“Wu Xie” Vermilion Bird narrowed his eyes.

He seemed to have heard an unfamiliar name from his masters mouth again!

“Master, you look beautiful like this.” Taotie was unaware of Shen Yanxiaos concerns and thought that she did not like her current clothes.

“Its really beautiful and adorable!” Taotie reiterated firmly.

“Shut up.” Shen Yanxiao covered her face.

She could not bear to look in the mirror.

On one side, the Dragon God endured the pain of laughing.

Today, Shen Yanxiao was very beautiful, a kind of lovely beauty.

The Dragon God felt that Shen Yanxiao was really the most magical human being he had ever seen.

She could be very mature or very cute.

She could be a queen in a long dress and the cutest little princess in a fluffy skirt.

The War God had really profited!

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