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Chapter 2108: Youre Such a Mess (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Fengling was following behind Shen Yanxiao when suddenly a strong aura hit her in the face, and Fenglings cells all over his body became tense.

He was familiar with this aura.

At the previous banquet…

Just as Fengling was nervous, Yakshas tall figure appeared at the corner and met with Shen Yanxiao.

Yakshas cold eyes swept over Shen Yanxiao.

Fenglings heart was in his throat.


“Youre back” Yaksha suddenly opened his mouth.

Although his tone was cold, the words coming out of his mouth…

No matter how she heard it, it was filled with warmth.

Fengling felt that he must have gone crazy.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

Yaksha was usually unsmiling and adhered to the principlesilence was golden.

However, not long ago, because Shen Yanxiao would go speechless every time she saw Yakshas cold expression, Xiu sent Yaksha a message, telling him to greet Shen Yanxiao whenever he saw her.


It became like this.

With a paralyzed face, the tone of saying “Im back” was no different from saying “Ill kill you”.

However, he had made great progress.

“Ill get busy.” Three words were Yakshas limit.


With that said, the wild and cool Undead Lord left in a domineering manner.

From beginning to end, his eyes did not stay on Fengling for half a second.

Watching Yaksha leave, Shen Yanxiao was ready to continue to take Fengling to her room.


“Boss…” Fenglings expression became extremely tangled, and his original stoic face had already collapsed.

With his cold temperament, Fengling was at most a small iceberg, while Yaksha and Xiu were simply the North and South Pole!

The degree of coldness between Fengling and the two icebergs was too great.

“Whats wrong” Shen Yanxiao tilted her head, not realizing that Fengling had been scared silly by the Undead Lords “warmth”.

“My Lord…” That was their Undead Lord, right

Was he seeing things

Shen Yanxiao looked at Fenglings expression and thought that the little guy was frightened by Yakshas cold face.

She calmly patted Fenglings shoulder and said, “He means no harm.”

Fengling wanted to cry.

Of course, he could see that the Undead Lord meant no harm.

His attitude just now could simply be called gentle, okay

He just felt that such “gentleness” from the Undead Lord was very disharmonious with his past image.

“Alright, just follow me.

Dont run around.

He wont do anything to you.” Shen Yanxiao comforted him with a smile.

Fengling felt that he was not worried at all about what the Undead Lord would do to him, because from beginning to end, the Undead Lord did not even spare him a glance.

Completely ignored, okay

With a tangled mentality of “Is my Lord unwell today”, Fengling was taken into the room by Shen Yanxiao in a trance.

Vermilion Bird and Taotie, who were rolling away on Shen Yanxiaos bed, suddenly heard the sound of the door opening.

They knelt on the soft bed in unison and looked at the door with their watery eyes.

Shen Yanxiao entered with a smile on her face.

“Master ~ welcome back!”

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

Fengling, who was standing behind Shen Yanxiao, was completely petrified…

Master… human, human…


Fengling stared at Shen Yanxiaos back and his expression became more and more horrified.

The moment he entered the room, he saw two adorable little boys kneeling on a bed and calling Shen Yanxiaomaster.

This scene…

This was too obscene!!!

Fenglings heart suddenly had the urge to retreat…

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