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Chapter 2107: Mentor and Friend (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Holy smokes!

What was going on

Hes actually not jealous!

Shile was completely shocked by Zhanyes reaction.

“Idiot, what are you doing” Shile fiercely poked Zhanye.


Zhanye looked at Shile in confusion.

“What kind of reaction is this You… Are you not jealous” Shile wanted to beat up this stupid idiot even more.

Zhanye was even more confused.

“Why should I feel jealous”

In his mind, the scene was already amazing to look at.

“You… Youre so stupid.

Serves you right for not being able to get Boss!” Shile was furious.

The emperor was not anxious, but the eunuch was.

Was this idiot trying to anger him to death

“…” Zhanye was depressed.

Why was this topic suddenly brought up again

Even though Zhanye admired Shen Yanxiao, he was only limited to secretly peeping at her.

It was absolutely impossible for him to go up and court her.

Shen Yanxiao was like a lamp on a road in the dark night.

He yearned for her, respected her, and loved her at the same time.

He had never thought of taking another step with Shen Yanxiao.

He did not have the courage nor such extravagant hopes.

Shen Yanxiao was more like his belief.

As long as she was here, he could do anything.

Shile despised Zhanyes lack of reaction, and Zhanye wondered about Shiles sudden outburst.

The other members of the Flaming Red Squad were shocked by the intimacy between Shen Yanxiao and Fengling.

As the one being teased, Fenglings little face turned red.

He stood there stiffly with his waist bent.

He wanted to break free, but felt that it was inappropriate, so he could only let Shen Yanxiao make a scene.

“I say, Boss… our Fengling is a little thin-skinned.

If you tease him like this again, he will die of embarrassment.” The teenagers on one side teased.

Fengling blushed even more.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and let go.

“Arent you going to train Do you not want to have a feast tonight”

“Train! Well train now!”

With a big feast as a temptation, the members of the Flaming Red Squad whistled back to their training position and focused on their training.

“Come with me.” Shen Yanxiao said to Fengling.

Fengling nodded adorably.

His handsome face was flushed as he silently followed behind Shen Yanxiao like a little tail.

Shen Yanxiao took Fengling directly to the palace.

At the entrance, Fengling stopped somewhat awkwardly.

“Boss… where are we going” Fengling looked hesitantly at the towering gates in front of him.

“Come to my room.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“…” Fenglings face that had just recovered instantly began to redden again.

Mentor Yan Dis words were getting more and more ambiguous…

Less talk, less mistakes.

Fengling continued to be Shen Yanxiaos little tail.

The skeleton soldiers guarding on both sides of the palace stood motionless against the wall with their weapons in their hands.

They did not have the slightest reaction to Shen Yanxiao and Fenglings appearance.

Fengling followed Shen Yanxiao, but he was curious deep down.

Shen Yanxiao went in and out of the palace of the Undead Lord as casually as if it were her own home.

Although he had heard that Mentor Yan Di was living in the palace for the time being, Fengling did not expect Shen Yanxiao to be so carefree.

It must be known that even Master Nock did not have such an honor.

Every time Nock came, he had to wait at the door for the permission of the Undead Lord to enter.

Even Prince Mingye could not come and go as he pleased.

Without the will of the Undead Lord, any undead who trespassed the palace would be mercilessly carried out by those skeleton soldiers.

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