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Chapter 2100: Snatching My People No Way! (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Did they really think she was that easy to talk to

They could stuff people in if they wanted to, but taking them back

Sorry, but no one could expect her to spit out anything that had entered her pocket.

You want Fengling No way!

No matter how Nock tried to reason with her, Shen Yanxiao just put on an attitude of “I dont understand what youre talking about, Fengling is mine!”


Nock was not good with words, and now he had met Shen Yanxiao, who had a sharp tongue and a silly mouth.

It was really like a scholar meeting a soldier; it was hard to even have a conversation.

Since being tactful was useless, Nock could only use the most direct method.

“Yan Di, to tell you the truth, I am here to take Fengling back.

He is a student of the Royal Academy and should return to his original team.”

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

Had he finally lost his patience

“Thats not right, Master Nock.

I remember that not long ago, my Lord invited our Flaming Red Squad to attend a banquet.

That night, General Sal came with Fengling and said in front of everyone that Fengling will join the Flaming Red Squad from then on.

How is he now a student of your Royal Academy now He has been training in my Flaming Red Squad during this period of time, and the whole team has already regarded him as their companion.

If you want to take him away now, arent you going back on your word”

Nock took a deep breath and said, “That was then, and this is now.

The situation is different, and naturally, we have to deal with it separately.

How long has Fengling been in the Flaming Red Squad He has been in the Royal Academy since he was very young.

The students of the Royal Academy are all his companions.

I hope you wont make things difficult for him.”

“Master Nock, as a royal teacher, how can you go back on your words My arrangements here are all in place.

Now that you have come to me to ask for people, arent you disrupting my plans You have to know that the Flaming Red Squad is now under the command of my Lord.

Master Nock, is it really appropriate for you to poach the men of my Lord in such an open manner” Shen Yanxiao had a shallow smile on her lips as she shamelessly brought up Yaksha.

She would like to see if Nock had the courage to snatch someone from the Undead Lord.

Sure enough, after Shen Yanxiao mentioned Yaksha, Nocks face immediately became very ugly.

Although he had assisted the Undead Lord before, everyone knew the unpredictable temperament of the Undead Lord.

Even if he had some status in front of the Undead Lord, it was not up to him to ask for anything.

At first, it was Nock who ran to the Undead Lord himself.

It was after much persuasion that he managed to squeeze Fengling into the Flaming Red Squad.

Now, if the Undead Lord knew that he wanted Fengling back…

Nock felt that he did not have that much face.

Nock had no intention of letting the Undead Lord know about this from the beginning.

Although the Flaming Red Squad was under the control of the Undead Lord, he had already inquired about it.

Since the Undead Lord took over the team, he had never appeared on the training ground of the Flaming Red Squad.

As the overlord of the Undead race, he had countless soldiers under his command.

How could he have the time to manage a team of only a hundred men

Therefore, Nock originally intended to find Shen Yanxiao directly and quietly take Fengling back from her.

In any case, the Undead Lord did not even remember what Fengling looked like.

Even if he brought Fengling back, he would never find out.

However, Nock did not expect Shen Yanxiao to have no intention of relenting.

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