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Chapter 2090: Creation of Gods (6)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Inheriting a godhood was not difficult, but the ritual of inheritance must be held by the Lord God or the War God.

With their divine aura as a guide, those sleeping godhoods would be awakened.

Godhoods were of great use to the superior gods.

A godhood was the core of power of a superior god.

Most of the power of the superior gods relied on the operation of their godhood.

Superior gods who lost their godhood would be directly reduced to demigods.

Shen Siyu was such an example.

Although he still had the ability to use divine power, there was a huge difference between him and a real superior god.

After a superior god completely perished, the godhood that belonged to them would automatically return to the last temple once their body died.

When a suitable soul appeared in the world, the Lord God would guide those pure souls into the last temple, where they would be baptized by the gods and inherit the godhood.

When the Dragon God became a superior god, he received the baptism of the Lord God in the last temple and inherited the godhood of the previous superior god.


As for a superior god like Xiu, who was born in the God race from the very beginning, when he inherited the position of the War God, he would store his original godhood in the last temple and accept the godhood of the War God.

The strength of a godhood was also related to the strength of the superior gods.

“The War God can only guide mortals to accept godhood, but he cant help them get rid of their mortal bodies and enter the bodies of the gods.

In the God race, the only one who can create a new body is the Lord God.

Although we, the superior gods who have lost our mortal bodies, can restore our bodies in the last temple, that is only because there is already a record of creation.

Without the Lord God, it is basically impossible to guide the soul to become a superior god again.” The Dragon God shrugged his shoulders.

He was the last god to be guided by the Lord God.

“Then… will it take a long time” Shen Yanxiao hesitated.

She still had to get in touch with dwarves and merpeople.

It would take some time for her to return to the Brilliance Continent and summon her Phantom friends.

She was afraid that she would not be able to complete all these tasks before the invasion of the Devil Race.

“It wont take long.

The ritual will only take three days.

After that, it will take about a month for them to adapt to their godhood,” the Dragon God said with a smile.

Only then did Shen Yanxiao relax.

As long as Qi Xia and the rest could inherit a godhood, their fighting strength would increase by one point.

“Yaksha, what else did Satan say” Xiu looked at Yaksha.

Yaksha said, “Satans current situation is very similar to yours.

He is in a soul state, and because of your ability to devour, his soul has also been greatly damaged.

Previously, he had been repairing his soul with the help of the Tree of Life, but he said that his recovery had not yet been completed before you interrupted his sleep.

Therefore, his soul is still somewhat incomplete, so he still has to find a way to repair his soul.

The reason why he delayed the invasion of the Devil Race was to completely heal his soul during this period of time and to find a body suitable for his soul.”

“Satans soul is too powerful.

An ordinary body cant support his soul at all.

Im afraid it wont be so easy to find a suitable body,” Xiu lightly said.

Back then, he devoured Satan, causing indelible damage to both himself and Satan.

Although his body was missing, it still existed in this world.

However, Satans body had been devoured by him, and there was no hope of getting it back.

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