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Chapter 2087: Creation of Gods (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Found them already Shen Yanxiao was a little confused.

She felt that the way Xiu looked at her was very… strange…

“Hey, dont tell me that you think this little girls soul is suitable to inherit a godhood” The Dragon God was also shocked by Xius gaze.

After spending a short time with Shen Yanxiao, he had already learned how crazy the heart of this seemingly pure human girl was! Such a shameless soul could inherit a godhood

The Dragon God could not help but begin to recall which superior god of the God race could be so unscrupulous.

Shen Yanxiao was also depressed.

She pointed to the tip of her nose and asked carefully.


“Could it be me”

Xiu shook his head.

“…” Since it was not her, could he not stare at her with such fanciful eyes

Shen Yanxiao was thoroughly dealt a blow.

Even though she also felt that her personality was not very compatible with the God race… But! As her fiance, could you leave her some face

“Phantom.” Xiu revealed the answer.

“Phantom” The Dragon God was confused.

How come he had never heard of anyone called Phantom

“Little girl, is Phantom your friend” The Dragon God turned to Shen Yanxiao and asked.

Shen Yanxiaos expression was as tangled as a steamed bun.

“Phantom is not a human… Its an organization…” Faced with the Dragon Gods puzzled expression, Shen Yanxiao wanted to slap him to death.


“Phantom is an organization I formed with a group of friends.” Shen Yanxiao touched her nose.

Xiu said, “Qi Xia, Yang Xi, Yan Yu, Tang Nazhi, and Li Xiaowei are all very suitable.”

So, she was the only one unsuitable Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry.

There were only six people in Phantom, and all five of them had been selected by Xiu.

However, she was the only unlucky one who had a special relationship with Xiu!

On one hand, she was crying because she was left out.

On the other hand, she was excited because her friends would turn into gods soon.

Shen Yanxiao felt complicated.

“They can fuse with godhoods” Shen Yanxiao mourned in silence and asked seriously.

Xiu nodded his head.

“Although they are not yet qualified to become superior gods, the purity of their souls is enough for them to accept contact with godhoods.

In the face of the devils, what we need is fighting strength, not superior gods.”

There were very few souls that could directly advance to a superior god like the Dragon God.

This was a realm that could only be reached after meeting various strict standards.

The integration with a godhood was only to pass the power of the superior gods to the inheritor.

As far as the inheritor was concerned, they were still their original race and could not be regarded as gods.

However, that was enough to deal with the current situation.

Shen Yanxiao was in a trance.



Who could tell her which one of her friends had a pure soul They were clearly a group of shameless people who wished for the world to be in chaos!

Shen Yanxiaos fantasy about the God race was completely shattered.

A despicable, shameless, crafty, and treacherous beast like Qi Xia could even fuse with godhood… She honestly felt that in terms of shamelessness, she and Qi Xia could be said to be on the same level.

Could it be… in Xius mind, she was more shameless than Qi Xia

Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry.

It turned out that her image in her fiances mind was so tragic!

“Five Then theres one more.” The Dragon God muttered.

Xiu slowly said, “Once Xiaoxiaos seal is completely undone, she will be able to fight against the devil generals even without fusing with a godhood.”

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