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Chapter 2077: Yaksha (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The locked door suddenly burst open, and a suffocating divine aura assaulted their faces.

The brilliance of Asura was once again released.

Before the Undead Lord could react, he felt a powerful force sending him flying, and Shen Yanxiao, whom he was restraining, was forcibly taken away by the source of that force.

A fiery red figure followed closely behind.

The moment the tall figure touched Shen Yanxiao, he directly sent her into the arms of that red figure.

“Vermilion Bird, open the boundary.” The cold voice was mixed with suppressed anger.

“Master!” The moment Vermilion Bird received Shen Yanxiao, he used his flames to create a small boundary to isolate Shen Yanxiao from the divine aura outside.


The acute pain finally ended and Shen Yanxiao could finally breathe.

When Vermilion Bird saw the bone-deep wound on Shen Yanxiaos chest, his scarlet eyes turned blood-red in an instant.

“Save Taotie…” Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth and whispered.

“Dragon God!” Vermilion Bird hugged Shen Yanxiao and shouted.

The Dragon God rushed to the unconscious Taotie.

On the other side, the Undead Lord was forcibly sent flying.

When he came back to his senses and saw who was attacking him, his cold eyes flashed with a blazing light for the first time.

“War God… Youre not dead… Youre really still alive! Hahaha!” The Undead Lord, who was vomiting blood, had no time to care about the blood in his mouth.

He stared at the figure standing in front of him.

He was so tall, so awe-inspiring, and exuded indifference from head to toe.

Even so, he was still incomparably noble.

But beneath the surface indifference, the Undead Lord also felt the anger that was being restrained with great effort.

Xiu stood coldly in front of the Undead Lord, his golden eyes narrowed slightly.

“I knew it… You wont die so easily… Satan has reappeared in the world.

You must still be alive.

I was right.

You have also appeared.” A crazy smile appeared on the handsome face of the Undead Lord.

He did not seem to feel the killing intent of the other party at all.

“Yaksha, thats enough.” Xiu looked at the Undead Lord coldly, and he called out an unfamiliar name.

But because of this one word, the smile on the face of the Undead Lord faded in an instant, replaced by ferocious anger!

“Yaksha I am no longer Yaksha! How ridiculous!” The Undead Lord laughed coldly, his eyes full of disgust for this word.

“The Lord God lied to me! He said that he would let me lead the Undead race to follow the God race! I am a god! I listened to the Lord God and willingly gave up the body of the God race and came to the Howling Abyss as the Undead Lord! But what did I get The Lord God lied to me! He abandoned the Undead race! He banished me to this barren land forever!” The more the Undead Lord spoke, the crazier he became.

His eyes were full of hatred.

And what he said completely stunned the Dragon God who was treating Taotie.

When he first entered the God race, he had heard of this name.


Back then, he was born with Asura in the god race.

He was a powerful superior god second only to Asura.

When the previous War God fell, Asura, who was still called Di Xiu, competed with Yaksha for the position of War God.

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