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“Alright.” Shen Yanxiao smiled as she took the badge from him.

Her internal thoughts started to jump in excitement.

If she remembered correctly, the Archer Divisions lessons were held in the afternoon, while the Herbalist Division had their lessons in the morning.

It was fortunate that the schedule for the classes from both divisions did not clash, so she would be able to attend all of them.

At that moment, Shen Yanxiao praised her foresight to purchase the disguise mask beforehand.

No one in the Saint Laurent Academy would suspect thatXiao Yan andShen Jue were actually the same person!

“Xie Yun, if you are done talking with him, do hand him over to me quickly.

I want to speak to him about this bow.” After he spectated that excellent show, Great Master Duan rudely dragged Shen Yanxiao to another corner.

The old and young foxes gathered and left the righteous Xie Yu at the side.

“Little kid, it doesnt matter much if you cant afford the tuition fees, but its a bigger deal if you cant pay for the bow.” Great Master Duan smiled and stared at a particular fox.

Shen Yanxiao removed the shy expression on her face and smirked as she looked at the crafty old fox.

“Great Master Duan, please rest assured.

Not a single gold coin will be missing from the three million that youve asked for.”

Great Master Duan nodded in satisfaction.

“The bow in your hand is called Clemance.

Use it rightly, and it will serve you well in your path as an archer.”

“Clemance” Shen Yanxiao smiled and touched the bow.

Then she remembered about her plans, and she asked, “Great Master Duan, I dont see any magical cores embedded in Clemance.

What type of magical core would suit it” Even though Clemance was an excellent weapon, it was still an incomplete one.

Great Master Duans expression turned somewhat complicated.

He hesitated for a moment before he said, “This is what I wish to speak to you about.”

He looked at Xie Yun, who still stood guard at the shooting range.

When he was sure that he would not eavesdrop on their conversation, he whispered softly, “To be frank, Clemance does not need any magical cores.”

“It does not need any cores” Shen Yanxiao was confounded.

Even though Clemance already looked like a powerful weapon, she noticed a few hollow points on its body that were clearly meant for one to embed magical cores in it.

“It doesnt need any magical cores, but what it does need are demonic cores,” Great Master Duan said solemnly.

“Demonic cores!” Shen Yanxiao looked at the bow that she held in her hand in shock.

Demonic cores were rarely used in weapons because they would usually still contain some remnants of evil aura in it.

Those remnants could corrode the wielders mind too.

Some people might use a small amount of low-grade demonic cores on training weapons.

However, no one would use a demonic core in their primary weapon.

Great Mast Duan nodded and cautiously said, “I believe that you know about demonic cores.

However, I wanted to tell you that Clemance is different than other weapons.

I did not set its outrageous price tag for profit.

When you understand Clemances strength, then you will realize that youve underpaid for it.”

“The hollow points on its body are meant to carry demonic cores.

However, unlike the usual magical cores, the demonic cores will be gradually consumed when you utilize Clemance.

It is not a sustainable energy source.

Do you understand”

“Clemance would slowly deplete the demonic cores” Shen Yanxiao stared at it blankly.

It sounded as if Clemance would automatically devour the energy in the core and turned it into energy reserves.

The energy would be depleted every time she used Clemance.

So, she would have to change it to a new one after it was emptied

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