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Chapter 2045: Shameless Team (7)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

After the first tragic battle, the victory of the Flaming Red Squad seemed unusually… peaceful!

When they thought about those teenagers who wept bitterly in the first match and were filled with psychological trauma, and then looked at the scoundrels of the Flaming Red Squad, the audience expressed that they no longer knew how to face the next match.

The mentor of Specter College ran all the way to collect the bodies of his students, but he unexpectedly found that although all his students were lying on the ground, none of them had died.

The most miserable one was probably the one whose arm had been twisted off by Shile, but compared with the students who had died in the first round, this was simply too lucky!

Faced with such a result, the mentor of Specter College could not help but turn his anger towards the Flaming Red Squad into gratitude.

No mentor wanted their students to die in battle.

Zero deaths was already the best result.


The Flaming Red Squad withdrew and waited for the results of the remaining two matches.

After all of them returned to the rest area, the remaining four teams looked at the group of beasts with bad expressions.

Killing was not scary.

What was scary was killing so naturally.

Looking at those bastards who were calm and collected as they chatted and laughed, the other students felt very unbalanced.

However, they only dared to feel unbalanced in their hearts.

“Fengling, they are much stronger than when we saw them before.” A student from the Royal Academy came to Fenglings side.

In the previous matches, they had always crushed their opponents with an aura of supremacy.

They were not interested in watching the matches of other teams at all.

This was their first time seeing how the Flaming Red Squad fought.

In just a few months, the Flaming Red Squad seemed to have been reborn, completely different from their original weak selves.

Fengling narrowed his eyes slightly and his eyes locked on Zhanye.

As the leaders of the two teams, they would inadvertently compare themselves.

When he fought against Zhanye, Fengling was confident that he could knock him down in an instant, but now he had no such confidence.

Fengling, as the leader of the Royal Academy team, had a very high status among a group of students.

When other members saw him, they acted more cautious.

But Zhanye was completely different from him.

His contact with the other members of the Flaming Red Squad was ordinary and friendly, without the slightest arrogance.

The only time he seemed different from the other members was when he waved his arms and gave orders.

At that moment, Zhanye shed his original innocence and became extremely strong and domineering.

“They are strong.

If nothing unexpected happens, we should meet them in the final match.” Fengling withdrew his gaze.

He recognized the strength of the Flaming Red Squad, and at the same time, he was looking forward to another confrontation between their two teams.

“Mentor Nock asked us to teach them a good lesson when the time comes.

Are we going to kill them” The teenager hesitated.

If the original rules had not changed, they would at most beat the Flaming Red Squad half to death, but according to the current rules, Nock most likely wished for them to kill in the match.

Even the proud and arrogant Royal Academy students more or less felt that this was inappropriate.

Fengling frowned slightly.

“Just play it by ear.” He just wanted to teach Zhanye a lesson, not kill him.

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