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Chapter 2042: Shameless Team (4)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Zhanye kept dodging, forcing the students of Spectre College to maintain the frequency of their attacks.

After half an hour, Zhanye suddenly retreated from the battlefield.

The continuous attacks for half an hour had made the students of Spectre College want to vomit blood.

Seeing Zhanye finally leave, they breathed a sigh of relief.

What they wanted to wait for was for the Flaming Red Squad to swarm up impatiently.

At that time, they could give them a heavy blow.

Zhanye returned to the team without any injuries.

“You cant last any longer” Shile raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhanye with a wicked smile on his face as if he were mocking his “endurance”.


Zhanye glanced at his friend and said nothing.

Shile stretched his muscles and walked out.

“Alright, its my turn.”

With that said, Shile rushed to the students of Spectre College.

Another wave of attacks continued, and the students of the Spectre College simply wanted to die.

How could you be so shameless If you want to fight, come at me together!

What was the meaning of sending a team member every time

The students of Spectre College wanted to have a big fight with the members of the Flaming Red Squad.

They could also give up their attack and let the little mouse continue to circle around them.

However, as long as their attacks stopped for a moment, Shile would quickly attack the outermost students.

This mistake by them almost caused several students to be hit by Shile.

Faced with such a situation, the students of Spectre College could only brace themselves and persist with their attacks.

However, what happened next had pushed them into the abyss.

Shile returned to the team half an hour later.

Before the students of Spectre College could catch their breath, another member of the Flaming Red Squad rushed over.

He also kept dodging around, and his speed was no slower than the previous two.

No matter how fast and fierce the cannons were, it would be useless if they could not aim at the enemys position.

What the Flaming Red Squad showed in front of them was nothing but the word “fast”!

No one in the entire team was at a disadvantage in terms of speed.

Round after round of consumption continued.

The death energy in the bodies of the Specter College students was constantly consumed.

The range and intensity of their attacks could no longer be compared to the beginning of the match.

Compared with the passive situation of Specter College, the Flaming Red Squad was still in perfect condition.

Only one student attacked at a time, and all of them relied on their speed without losing any death energy.

The students who returned to the team could recover immediately.

It was simply a shameless tactic.

However, the formation of Specter College had been finalized, and it was too late to change it.

It was like a group of cats being played around by rats.

It caused them internal injuries.

After three hours of “teasing”, the attacks of the students of Specter College could no longer support their formation.

There were constantly teenagers who could not keep up with the rhythm and could not fill the gap in the attack in time.

Seeing this, the members of the Flaming Red Squad immediately retreated.

“Zhanye, its time.” Shile narrowed his eyes, and the teasing look on his face faded away.

Zhanye nodded slightly and suddenly raised his arm.

“Unload the weights!”

A shout resounded throughout the horizon.

No one understood the meaning of Zhanyes words, but what happened next made the whole venue boil!

At the same time, the 100 members of the Flaming Red Squad took off the heavy bags tied to their limbs that were filled with iron sand.

The heavy sandbags were thrown far away and smashed heavily on the ground.

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