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Chapter 2037: Cruel Competition (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The next match would be between the members of the Flaming Red Squad.

At the thought of this, Mingye regretted meeting Shen Yanxiao yesterday.

If he had not gone, perhaps she would not have come today.

Now, the significance of the top eight matches was completely different.

If she were to watch her students fight a bloody battle with her own eyes…

Mingyes eyebrows wrinkled tightly.

Mingye carefully looked around, but he did not find Shen Yanxiao.

At this moment, he was secretly relieved.


If she did not come, it might be a good thing.

The battle triggered by the new rules was completely different.

Previously, it was just a spar, but now, it could only be explained as a fight to the death.

After struggling for a long time, the contestants from both sides finally took action.

However, unlike before, all their attacks were aimed at the other partys vital points.

For a moment, shrill screams echoed in the venue and the thick smell of blood spread in the air.

All the spectators were struck dumb.

It was no longer a competition, but a cruel fight.

Players continued to fall to the ground with severe injuries and blood continued to flow from their bodies.

However, they could only lie on the ground with their bodies convulsing until the end of the match before they could be treated.

The injuries of their companions aggravated the players on both sides.

They all wanted to end the battle as soon as possible so that their companions could be treated sooner.

However, under the stimulation, the teenagers became more and more unrestrained.

When an undead teenagers death energy attack directly blew up the head of another teenager, there was a dead silence in the whole venue.

In the arena, all the contestants stopped what they were doing.

They looked at the dead figure on the ground in shock as fear spread in their hearts.

The young man who had attacked had a delicate and pretty face.

Even now, his hand was still frozen in mid-air, as if he could not imagine that he had just killed an opponent.

The young man, who had never experienced life and death and was usually just fooling around, completely collapsed.

He wailed as he knelt on the ground and hugged his head in pain.

Bead-sized tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes and a tearing roar was squeezed out of his chest.

They only wanted to participate in the selection competition and had never thought of killing anyone.

Death had a huge impact on these simple students.

“The competition has changed.” After Taotie smelled the blood in the air, he immediately raised his head.

“Will Zhanye and the others be alright” Taotie could not help but worry about the members of the Flaming Red Squad.

Although they had great strength… wouldnt such a battlefield be a terrible blow to their hearts

Taotie looked at Shen Yanxiao, and what he saw was… an unscrupulous mentor that was still watching the match with a smile.

She did not look worried at all.

“Master…” Taotie was surprised.

Why was Shen Yanxiao still so relaxed when someone had died on stage

“Hmm” Shen Yanxiao looked at Taotie in doubt.

“You… Arent you worried about Zhanye and others” Taotie asked in a low voice.

Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes in confusion.

“Why should I be worried about them”

“They can die in the upcoming fights…” Taotie wanted to explain to Shen Yanxiao that the current situation was different.

As soon as the Flaming Red Squad went on stage, they either had to stomp their enemies or be beaten to death.

Would those students be able to stand having their hands stained with blood

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