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Chapter 2036: Cruel Competition (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Mingyes whole body tightened and his lips trembled.

A fight…

What Father wanted to see was a fight to the death!

“Father, there will be a lot of casualties, Im afraid…” Before Mingye could finish speaking, the Undead lord was already looking at him coldly.

With just one look, Mingye felt an incomparably powerful force pressing down on him.

His legs seemed to have lost their strength.

He fell to his knees in front of the Undead Lord with a plop, and cold sweat kept rolling down his body.

He could only barely support himself with his hands on the ground, and his body was constantly trembling.



“Yes…” Mingye squeezed out a word from the gap between his teeth.

His internal organs seemed to be squeezed out.

“When did you start objecting to my words” The voice without a trace of emotion descended like a nightmare.

The Undead Lord propped his chin with one hand and looked down at Mingye kneeling in front of him with contempt.

This young man with his blood flowing in his body seemed to have nothing to do with him.

“This son… this son dares not.” Mingye opened his mouth with great difficulty.

His whole heart seemed to be clenched, constantly aching.

The pressure covering Mingye slowly dissipated.

Mingye got up in a hurry and silently retreated to one side.

“I will tell them right now…” Mingye clenched his fists hidden in his sleeves.

He could not understand why his father was so cold.

The eight teams in this competition were all the best of the younger generation of the Undead race.

Any casualties would be a huge loss to them.

But the Undead Lord only wanted to watch the battle of life and death.

The Undead Lord did not look at Mingye again.

Mingye withdrew indifferently and conveyed the words of the Undead Lord to the undead responsible for the competition.

The players from both sides, who were in the middle of their first match, suddenly saw the flag of suspension being raised.

They, who had just started fighting, were somewhat confused.

They stopped fighting and looked blankly at the undead who had raised the flag of suspension.

All the undead in the whole venue were struck dumb.

They were just watching enthusiastically.

Why was the competition suddenly suspended

For a moment, discussions rose and fell.

“From now on, the method of the competition will be completely changed.

The side who is still standing wins and the side who falls loses.

There is no such thing as surrender.” The undead responsible for the arrangement of the competition opened his mouth expressionlessly.

In fact, he had long been shocked by His Highness Mingyes words.

No one expected that the selection competition between a group of teenagers would directly evolve into a life and death battle.

With the new way of fighting announced, the two teams of undead teenagers were a little stunned.

“Stand and win; fall and lose.”

Each team had a hundred members.

This new rule was equivalent to releasing all the members of the other side.

The healing ability of the undeads was very strong.

Even if they were knocked down, as long as they were given a certain amount of time to rest, they could stand up again.

If they wanted to completely eliminate the other party, they could only be ruthless!

There was an uproar both inside and outside the venue.

It was obvious that the inexperienced teenagers could not digest the new rules.

They looked at each other as if they could not accept the idea of killing their opponents.

It was only a selection competition, so why must there be death

Discussions continued to sound.

Mingye, who had retreated to the main stands, had an extremely ugly expression on his face.

In his heart, he disapproved of such a cruel way of fighting, but how could he shake his fathers will

Mingye subconsciously looked for that familiar figure in the audience.

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