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Chapter 2029: Taking Risks and Gambling (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Xiaoxiao.” Xiu suddenly spoke.

“Mingye has the smell of devils.”

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

“Has the Devil race really come into contact with the undeads” Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth.

She had such a guess before.

“Its Satan.” Xius eyebrows wrinkled slightly.


“Satan!” The Dragon God suddenly stood up, his handsome features full of shock and anger.

At first, the Dragon God died in the hands of Satan, the Devil God.

The Dragon God was extremely sensitive to this word.

“Satan is in the Howling Abyss Hes in Hidden Dream City!” The Dragon Gods mood became more and more agitated.

He still clearly remembered how helpless he was when he fought against Satan.

The power of the Dragon God was so insignificant in front of Satan.

Satan, who emerged in this world with the Lord God, was so powerful that ordinary superior gods could not contend against him at all.

“The devil aura on Mingye is very strong.

Satan should still be here.” Xius eyes narrowed slightly.

This was not good news.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the room became heavy.

Taotie and Vermilion Bird clearly remembered that the last time they saw Satan was on the battlefield of the beast tide.

Sun Never Sets had suffered heavy losses in that battle.

Jia Lan and Jia He died in battle, and countless demons and humans died.

If Vermilion Bird did not have Little Phoenix, he would have died in Satans hands.

If not for Xiu and the Wings of Death, everyone in the room would have died.

Satans strength was no longer something they could contend against.

The only one who could harm Satan was Xiu.

“Master, lets leave here at once!” Vermilion Bird stood up and the leisurely expression on his face completely disappeared.

Everything that happened that day was imprinted in his heart like a nightmare.

In front of Satan, he could not even protect Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips and her expression did not look good.

“Its too dangerous here! Satan has already made contact with the Undead race.

With the undeads fear of Satan, its impossible for them to resist him.

If Satan discovers your existence, he will definitely kill you.

Even if Lord Xiu is here, the Howling Abyss is filled with undeads.

Once the war starts, we will fall into a hopeless situation.” Vermilion Bird looked at Shen Yanxiao worriedly.

He was not afraid of death.

What he feared was that Shen Yanxiao would be hurt.

The current situation was not optimistic.

They were basically hiding in the territory of the devil alliance.

Looking at the whole Howling Abyss, there were undeads everywhere.

Even if they had three heads and six arms, it would be very difficult to break out of such a situation.

“Xiu.” Shen Yanxiao did not respond to Vermilion Bird.

She looked up at Xiu with a trace of struggle in her eyes.


“If its you, can you detect that Im not an undead from my appearance and aura” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“No.” Xiu shook his head.

The awakening of Shen Yanxiaos bloodline was very pure.

Otherwise, he and Vermilion Bird would not have been completely rejected by Shen Yanxiao because of their attributes.

It could be said that Shen Yanxiao was now a complete undead.

Unless the seven layers of the seal of her undead bloodline were all undone, no one would notice her abnormality.

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and said firmly, “I want to try and see if I can change the minds of the Undead race.”

“Youre crazy!” Vermilion Bird stared at Shen Yanxiao in disbelief.

“The undeads have always relied on the devils for survival.

How can they betray the devils”

Shen Yanxiaos idea was too crazy!

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