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If Lord God were unwilling to accept them, why would he create them

From Zhanyes words, she felt that undeads were eager for the recognition of gods.

Perhaps at the beginning, undeads, like other races, believed in the gods and respected them as their own gods.

Until they found that their god had abandoned them.

Therefore, in their despair, they chose to join hands with the devils.

Because they were abandoned by the gods, they had no choice but to come to this point.

Just like a child who was abandoned by their parents for no reason.

That feeling…

Shen Yanxiaos heart tightened.

Wasnt she in the same situation in her previous life

Ever since she could remember, she had never seen her parents.

She had lived for more than ten years in her previous life, but she had never seen her biological parents.

It was not that she did not want to, but she did not know where they were and why they had abandoned her.

Since they did not want her, why did they give birth to her

Since they gave birth to her, why did they not want her…

Shen Yanxiao had thought about this question countless times in her previous life.

It was not until she realized that she would never find the answer that she buried this question in the bottom of her heart forever and forced herself to forget eve

ingting jumped for a long time before Sze Lingyun rained on her parade a little.

“Ah… I cant be sure of things just yet.

After all, I havent confirmed that Im Zhou Huas daughter, and we havent confirmed whether Incle and Zhou Hua have that kind of relationship yet.”

“We have! Listen up…” Wu Pingting explained anxiously.

“Yesterday, you heard from my grandfather that Uncle didnt get married and have children, and instead adopted that ingrate Wu Zongxu, was because he loved this girl, the girl who saved him in the valley.

Even though he never said why he was so obsessed with that girl, if that girl was your mother, you can probably guess why.

Even though they only had one night, Uncle and your mother did it.

After that, Uncle was rescued by Grandpa, and your mother disappeared.

Your mother probably went back and realized that she was pregnant with you.

And my uncle is a loyal and monogamous man, so he never remarried.”

With that, Wu Pingting looked at Nangong Nuannuan excitedly and asked, “Nuannuan, dont you think my sister looks very much like a member of my family You havent met my Uncle, but you should have met my aunt.

Both of them inherited my grandmothers looks and look very similar.

Dont you think that Sis looks very similar to my aunt”

Nangong Nuannuan nodded.

“Yes, very similar! Senior Sister and her mothers auras are very similar, but they only look about half-alike.

I wanted to say it when the two of you met yesterday.

but I think that Senior Sister and your aunt look really similar.”

“Right, right!” Wu Pingting looked at Sze Lingyun proudly, “Sis, since Nuannuan says so, you must be our Wu familys child! Lets go, lets go! Lets go home! I want to make everyone in the family take a DNA test with you.”

After saying that, Wu Pingting took out her phone and made a call.

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