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A group of teenagers laughed foolishly.

It was obvious that they regarded Shen Yanxiao as a joke, an idiot who overestimated her abilities and did not know her limits.

“I heard that Luoqiu values Naken very much.” A teenager suddenly thought of something.

“Naken You mean… I remember theres someone called… Zhanye on Yan Dis side Werent they…” Another teenager hesitated to speak.

“Ha, I remember when Zhanye first entered Deathfire Academy, he was in the limelight.

Many mentors praised him for his unlimited potential.

In the end, he was beaten up by Naken, and even Mentor Luoqiu didnt want him anymore.”

Speaking of the past, the group of teenagers became spirited again.

When Zhanye first entered the academy, his foundation was quite good, so he received the special care of many teachers.

However, good times did not last long.

Naken entered the academy a month later than Zhanye, and as soon as he entered the academy, the two of them were like fire and water.

In the end, Naken gave Zhanye a good beating in front of many students, forcing Zhanye to lie in bed for a long time.

Perhaps it was because Naken was too heavy-handed at that time, but after Zhanye recovered, he was no longer as glorious as before.

He turned into an ordinary student from a prodigy.

“I was wondering why Zhanye was so protective of that Yan Di.

It seems that he gave up on himself because he could not hold on to Mentor Luoqius thigh.”

Piercing burst of laughter echoed in the huge martial arts arena.

As time passed by, the entire martial arts arena was about to be filled up.

All the undeads sat in their seats and stretched out their heads to look around, wishing they could find the main characters of the day as soon as possible.

Luoqiu walked in from the entrance with his students.

In an instant, the whole martial arts arena was silent.

All the students looked at this powerful mentor in awe.

Behind Luoqiu, Naken and his companions wore dark black tight-fitting clothes.

Each and every one of them stuck out their chest and raised their heads in an imposing manner.

Just their momentum alone made many students feel inferior.

“They are the elites of our Deathfire Academy.” The students who looked at Luoqiu and his students could not help but feel sour.

They did not have the luck to get Luoqius guidance.

“I dont think this match will be interesting.”

They had noticed that the death energy emanating from Naken and the others was much denser than a month ago.

In this month, their death energy had been greatly improved.

The other students felt that even if Naken and the others stayed where they were, Zhanye and the others would not be able to catch up.

What was more, their current strength had gone up another level.

Zhanye and the others definitely had no chance.

“Theres nothing interesting about the match, but the bet is good.

Dont you want to see how Mentor Luoqiu will deal with that low-level undead The existence of that fellow is a stain on our Deathfire Academy.

Im waiting for Mentor Luoqiu to drive that stain out of Deathfire Academy.” Students who were waiting for a good show would never feel bored.

They could not stand a low-level undead as their mentor.

Even if they were still young, how could a low-level undead be their opponent if they were to fight

The group of undead teenagers talked noisily about Shen Yanxiaos various faults.

Not far away, a handsome undead teenager looked at his companions with a difficult expression.

“Iry, theyve gone too far.

Are we not going to interfere”

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