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The day that everyone in Deathfire Academy had been looking forward to finally arrived.

Early in the morning, all the students and teachers gathered in the martial arts arena.

The martial arts arena of Deathfire Academy was very wide, enough to accommodate thousands of undeads.

Today, in order for other students and mentors to witness this match, all the classes in the morning had been canceled.

“I say, theres nothing interesting about this match.

Why are there so many people” An undead teenager, who had been dragged up by his companions early in the morning to watch the excitement, could not help muttering.

In his opinion, the two mentors, Luoqiu and Yan Di, were incomparable.

In the whole Deathfire Academy, only Kehr could be compared with Luoqiu.

As for Yan Di, who was she

“You simply dont understand.

Yan Di has always been the object of our curiosity.

I heard that a month ago, she had the courage to provoke Mentor Luoqiu.

Just with that display of courage, this match should be interesting,” another undead teenager said with a smile.

In their mouths, Luoqiu was a real mentor.

As for Shen Yanxiao, they did not take her seriously at all and just called her by her name.

“Provoke Mentor Luoqiu Has that low-level undead gone crazy”

“I know, right But I heard that Yan Di was personally recommended by Mentor Kehr.

Her ability to enter Deathfire Academy as a low-level undead is a legend in itself.

In addition, she has been doing closed-door training for her students during this period of time.

Dont you want to see what this strange mentor can do”

“Forget it.

Even if she has three heads and six arms, shes only a low-level undead.

Are those students stupid Why are they so obedient to her If it were me, I would never let a low-level undead teach us.

It is simply a disgrace.” The undead teenagers eyes were full of disgust.

He subconsciously looked to the other side of the martial arts arena.

There, two hundred resurrected undeads were cowering in a corner.

Deathfire Academy was a special school that accepted both kinds of undead, but compared with the purebred undead students, the number of resurrected undead was much smaller.

Most of the time, these purebred students despised those resurrected undeads; they even disdained to talk to them.

In the Howling Abyss, the hierarchy of undeads was very strict.

Low and intermediate-level undeads could not resist any orders of purebred undeads.

Resurrected undeads were equivalent to slaves of purebred undeads.

It was already unbearable for them to stay in the same school as a group of slaves.

Now, a low-level undead was actually a mentor of theirs.

It could be imagined how great of an impact Shen Yanxiaos entry had brought to Deathfire Academy.

What they could not understand was that other than causing some trouble on the first day, those students who were assigned to Shen Yanxiao would not say anything bad about her.

Moreover, when they mocked Shen Yanxiaos lowly status, those students would refute them.

It could be said that in the eyes of other students, Zhanye and others were a group of traitors.

As a purebred undead, it was simply a great disgrace to be willing to listen to a low-level undead.

“Dont you know that low-level undeads are stupid Its one thing for her to seek death, but she even pushed her students to the teeth of the storm.

Trash is trash.

She has no brain at all.”

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