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The students fear and the teachers ostracization meant nothing to Shen Yanxiao.

She was not here to build a relationship with them.

What others thought was none of her business.

Completely ignoring the unfriendly gazes from all directions, Shen Yanxiao wandered around Deathfire Academy and then went back to continue cultivating.

Other peoples evaluation was their own opinion, and ones own abilities were ones own.

Go your own way and let others gossip!

In the next few days, Shen Yanxiao went to train those brats on time every afternoon.

Almost every day, waves of heart-wrenching wails could be heard in the martial arts arena.

Every undead passing by the martial arts arena trembled in pain.

What did that mentor named Yan Di do inside there Why was there such a terrible cry

Because of Kehr, the content of Shen Yanxiaos class was completely confidential.

Other than the students inside, no one knew what Shen Yanxiao was teaching at all.

Some people had once tried to ask those students who had been taught by Shen Yanxiao what they had encountered, but those students seemed to have come to an agreement.

All of them were silent and unwilling to reveal the content of Shen Yanxiaos class at all.

The teachers and students who could not get any information could only guess for themselves.

All sorts of crazy possibilities had been guessed by them.

Beating up students, binding, standing on one foot… All kinds of unimaginable things had flashed through their minds over and over again.

Looking at the sweaty appearance of those students coming out of the martial arts arena every day, the other students secretly broke out in cold sweat.

God knew that every undead teenager who came out of the martial arts arena looked as if a layer of their skin had been peeled off.

Their faces were pale, their feet were floating, and their bodies were trembling like willow catkins in the wind.

No matter how strong your body was, you would still look half-dead after training in the martial arts arena.

Moreover, as soon as they returned to their dormitory, they would immediately fall asleep as if they had encountered something worse than training.

Kehr did go to spectate two to three times.

He just watched quietly on one side and did not dare to do anything.

When Kehr came out of the martial arts arena, he immediately gave orders to the other mentors.

No matter the reason, no one was allowed to cause trouble during Shen Yanxiaos class.

Otherwise, he would punish them severely.

Kehrs warning aroused the curiosity of everyone in Deathfire Academy, but they dared not do anything else.

Under Kehrs warning, Shen Yanxiao continued her devilish training with a group of naughty brats.

A month passed quietly.

During this period, Shen Yanxiao received a large number of dark nuclei from Kehr, with the lowest level being intermediate-level.

These dark nuclei brought great benefits to Shen Yanxiao, directly pushing her from a low-level undead to an intermediate-level undead.

Whether it was the death energy in her body or her strength, Shen Yanxiao had improved tremendously.

As for the two martial arts secret books, Shen Yanxiao had already comprehended more than half of them.

Before she could fully digest them, Kehr had sent two more books.

Obviously, with the exception of Shen Yanxiao, Kehr knew that no other undead could make good use of these secret books.

After staying in Deathfire Academy for a month, Shen Yanxiao finally had the mind to go out of the school and look around the city.

The main reason was that Taotie did not have much food left, so she had to buy some food.

Otherwise, a certain foodie might pounce out and devour the whole Deathfire Academy in one night.

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