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Shen Yanxiao walked to the students with no expression on her face.

And the students just stood there lazily, without any respect that a teacher should have.

To be honest, they never regarded Shen Yanxiao as their teacher.

They were afraid of Kehr, but they were not afraid of this little guy.

Seeing that Shen Yanxiao had no reaction on her face, the group of teenagers became even more unbridled.

The whole martial arts arena was noisy.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at the noisy teenagers and slowly asked, “Are you purebred undeads”

Shen Yanxiaos words drew out a series of laughter.

“This question is so refreshing.

It seems like you still dont know our identity” An undead teenager smiled and said.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and pointed to the one who spoke.

The young man clasped his hands behind his head and wandered to Shen Yanxiao.

“Why did you call me here…”

Before the young man could finish his sentence, Shen Yanxiao had already dashed behind him and struck his back with her elbow.

A mournful wolf-like howl broke out in the huge martial arts arena.

The teenager who was still lazy just a moment ago was now lying on the ground with his limbs spread out, his whole body twitching uncontrollably.

In an instant, the entire martial arts arena was silent.

Shen Yanxiao glanced at the young man lying on the ground.

She raised her foot and stepped on his back.

“Thats it And youre a purebred” Unconcealed mockery was revealed from Shen Yanxiaos words.

She raised her head and her clear eyes swept across the stunned students with a trace of mockery.

“I dont care what you think, but here, I am your mentor.

In the next three hours, you will do whatever I say.

If you want to resist, fight me one-on-one.

If you win, I wont care what you do.

If you cant do it, then put away your ridiculous pride and listen to me obediently.

Otherwise, I dont mind beating all of you down.” Shen Yanxiao curled her lips and looked coldly at the group of shocked teenagers.

All the undeads in the martial arts arena stared at Shen Yanxiao.

They did not notice when she attacked.

Her speed was astonishingly fast, and when she attacked, they did not feel any fluctuation of death energy.

She relied on her combat experience to accomplish all this.

At that moment, the group of teenagers who looked down on Shen Yanxiao had to reconsider.

“You… You are a mentor.

How can you attack a student” An undead girl angrily pointed at Shen Yanxiao.

In the whole Deathfire Academy, there had never been a mentor who would attack a student.

This was the first time Shen Yanxiao had met them.

Before she could say more than two words, she had knocked one of them to the ground, which seriously subverted their worldview.

“If you dont do what I say, I wont just use my hands.” Shen Yanxiao crossed her arms over her chest and looked at the furious undead girl calmly.

A group of undead brats wanted to intimidate her

What a joke.

Even hundreds of thousands of demons had to lie down obediently in her hands, let alone these little kids who had yet to grow their fur.

“You…” The undead teenagers had never been threatened like this before.

In the face of such a simple yet tough little mentor, all of their faces were darker than the bottom of a pot.

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