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The group of purebred undead teenagers were shocked by someones gorgeous display of archery.

Little did they know that the person who was entangled with the Mole Beast already had the urge to die.

If Shen Yanxiao knew the thoughts of those undead teenagers, she would definitely give each of them a big slap!

What seemingly gorgeous archery What teasing F*ck, those were all fleeting clouds!

God knew that she had no experience in fighting one-on-one with high-level undead creatures.

This fellow was so big and strong.

If she were touched by this fellow, she would go to see God!

In order to save her life, Shen Yanxiao could be said to have exerted all her strength.

With her skills as a thief goddess, the combat skills she had honed during this period of time, and the few archery skills she had left, she was not slapped to death by the Mole Beast.

She did not dare to stop at all because the speed of the high-level undead creature was too fast.

Once she was caught by it, Shen Yanxiao could only die.

Therefore, she could only constantly jump back and forth in mid-air with the help of the trees around her and seize every opportunity to shoot the Mole Beasts eyes.

This was not performance art, this was survival!

She did not want to know how elegant her jumping posture was, nor did she want to know how elegant her shooting posture was.

She only wanted to live!

Shen Yanxiao cursed all eighteen generations of ancestors of those idiotic purebred undeads in her heart and also despised this idiot Mole Beast.

You are a high-level undead creature.

Is there a brain in that massive skull of yours Do you have eyes

That idiot standing there is your target.

Why are you fighting with a bystander like me

Helplessly, Shen Yanxiao could only look down on those purebred idiots while she desperately tried to save her own life.

Were the brains of undeads not very good Mingye was already stupid enough, so why were those purebred undeads so ridiculously stupid

F*ck, it was one thing not to help, but what was with standing there and watching the show

Do you have any decency Do you know that you were the one who provoked this big guy

Shen Yanxiao was depressed, but the Mole Beast refused to let go of her.

This was Shen Yanxiaos first battle against a high-level undead creature, and she did not have much confidence in winning.

However, her long-standing experience had made her notice the key to victory.

The Mole Beast was huge.

Even though it was extremely fast, its movements would be greatly restricted in such a dense forest due to its huge size.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao constantly used the surrounding trees as cover and attacked the Mole Beasts eyes from afar.

The group of purebred undead teenagers had been completely convinced by Shen Yanxiaos gorgeous display of archery.

They even forgot to run away and save their lives.

They just stood there in a daze, watching the fierce battle between Shen Yanxiao and the Mole Beast.

It was not until two hours later that the Mole Beast, whose eyes had been filled with arrows, finally realized that it could not catch this crafty undead.

Having lost its vision, it let out an angry roar, turned around, and returned to the depths of the dense forest with its tail between its legs.

The Mole Beast could not understand how those seemingly fragile undeads could suddenly be so ferocious.

An undead could actually toy with it and blind its eyes.

What was even more depressing was that it could not even touch the other party!

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