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Perhaps it was when she heard Xius voice for the first time, perhaps it was when she escaped from her predicament with his help for the first time, perhaps it was when she had seen that face that made the world lose its color for the first time, or perhaps it was when they had their first intimate contact…

By the time Shen Yanxiao realized it, she had completely fallen for him, but she was willing to accept it.

Shen Yus expression suddenly became serious.

“Little Xiaoer, how old are you this year”

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

“In other words, you and the War God… When you were still a little girl…” Shen Yu wanted to slap himself to death.

His daughter was still a young girl back then! Was it really okay to fall in love at a young age

For every father, the men who abducted their daughter must be strictly assessed, even if he were his idol!

This was a fathers instinct to protect his daughter.

Shen Yanxiao was dumbfounded.

She did not realize that Shen Yu would think of this.

“You… Youre still so young.

Are you really sure about your feelings” Shen Yu looked at Shen Yanxiao.

No matter how powerful Shen Yanxiao was, she was still a little girl deep down.

The War God was very powerful and upright, but could it be that his daughter had a favorable impression of the War God because of a moment of admiration Shen Yu was not sure.

If Shen Yanxiao knew Shen Yus thoughts, she would not know whether to laugh or cry.

Her body was indeed fifteen years old, but she was already an adult before she transmigrated.

Her soul was that of a mature woman.

“Im sure,” Shen Yanxiao said decisively.

Shen Yu wanted to say something else, but a gray mist overflowed from Shen Yanxiaos chest.

The gray mist gradually condensed into a tall and upright man in front of Shen Yu, and his golden eyes carried no emotion.

The moment Xiu appeared, the entire lair was enveloped by a huge barrier.

Everyone in the lair felt an extremely powerful force.

“Hello, I am Di Xiu, your daughters companion,” the handsome and extraordinary man, with a face as cold as ice, said lightly.

His seemingly cold words held Xius greatest respect and sincerity.

Xiu showed unprecedented respect to Shen Yanxiaos father.

“You… You…” Shen Yu looked at the god-like Xiu in disbelief, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat.

Xius strength was so obvious that no one could ignore it.

The momentum of the strongest superior god was not comparable at all.

Even though Xiu could restrain his own momentum, the natural domineering aura of a king was still evident.

“Xiu! Why did you come out” Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu in surprise.

She did not expect Xiu to appear at this time.

Xiu lowered his eyes and looked at the nervous Shen Yanxiao.

This little girl who was never afraid of any danger had a trace of nervousness when facing her parents.

Xiu could sense that Shen Yanxiao was very attached to her parents.

Her heart yearned for Shen Yu and Wen Yas blessings.

As a man, how could Xiu let Shen Yanxiao face all this alone

“I want to talk to your father in person so that he can trust me with his daughter,” Xiu slowly said.

He reached out and rubbed Shen Yanxiaos head so that she would not worry.

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