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Led by the Dragon God, they soon arrived at the place.

The Dragon God condensed his soul into a solid body and turned it into a crystal dragon shining with a colorful luster.

Its almost transparent body reflected a dazzling light, shining like a diamond.

Shen Yanxiao was instantly attracted by this beautiful dragon body.

One word kept flashing in her mind—money!

The rank of a dragon was greatly related to their color.

Red dragon, silver dragon, golden dragon… diamond dragon.

Shen Yanxiao completely understood!

Red dragons were red copper! Silver dragons were silver! Golden dragons were gold! The Dragon God was a pile of diamonds!

Have you ever seen a diamond the size of a mountain

Shen Yanxiao expressed that her life was complete… If it were not for the fact that she still had some rationality, she would have even used Little Cone to knock down the suspected diamonds on the Dragon Gods body!

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As a diamond dragon, the Dragon Gods digging speed was so fast that it could shock the world and make ghosts and gods weep.

The Dragon God! Not only did he insta-kill ordinary dragons in terms of strength, but he also steadily suppressed them in terms of digging speed!

Shen Yanxiao silently watched as the “diamond excavator” rolled around in piles of dirt at an astonishing speed.

Large patches of soil were dug up, and soil and gravel rolled down into the neat hall.

Shen Yanxiao was amazed.

Digging a hole was really the Dragon Gods strength!

Looking at the dirt that was gradually piling up, Shen Yanxiao hooked her finger at Taotie.

“Ao ao ao!” Taotie immediately opened his mouth and started gnawing on a pile of dirt.

If anyone saw this scene, they would definitely faint from fright.

A superior god was used as an excavator, a holy beast was used as a garbage disposal unit…

Compared to these two, Vermilion Bird acting as a messenger was simply too noble!

It took Long Yans men more than a thousand years to build a canyon, but the Dragon God merely dug big enough for them to travel together.

With his insane digging speed, Shen Yanxiao and the others continued to push underground.

Half a day later, they finally broke out of the ground!

Because of Shen Yanxiaos concerns, the Dragon God dug the tunnel far away, completely avoiding the canyon.

When Shen Yanxiao and the others walked out of the tunnel, the sky was still dark and night had yet to pass.

“Well done.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and looked at the Dragon God who had returned to his human form.

This excavation speed was simply amazing!

“Haha, my strength.” The Dragon God glanced at the expressionless Xiu and responded with a forced smile.

A superior gods strength was actually digging holes… He could really roll to the side and die.

“Then lets go first.

Dragon God, do you want to recover your soul state and rest in my body first” As an excellent “slave owner”, Shen Yanxiao still knew how to comfort her “labor force”.

Before the Dragon God could speak, Xiu suddenly said, “No.”

The Dragon God trembled and looked bitterly at the War God who was staring at him with an “I will kill you” expression.

He did not do anything.

Did he have to be so fierce…

“Ah” Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

“Its enough for him to stay in the Dragon Kings Decree,” Xiu coldly said.

“The Dragon Kings Decree is pretty good.

Ill just stay in the Dragon Kings Decree.

Im used to living there.” The Dragon God immediately responded to Xius words and quickly expressed that it was most suitable for him to stay in the Dragon Kings Decree.

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