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Shen Yanxiao, who was in a daze, suddenly felt a slight pain on her lips.

She blinked and looked at those golden eyes.

It was a rare intimate encounter, and she was still letting her imagination run wild…

Forget about letting her imagination run wild, she was even discovered by the person involved.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

Was Xiu punishing her for not concentrating

Shen Yanxiao did not have the time to think about it.

The stormy kiss pulled her into the vortex.

She did not remember how she fell asleep.

The only thing she remembered was her last thought before she fell asleep.

Why were Xius skills getting better and better This did not make sense!

When Shen Yanxiao woke up, it was already noon the next day.

She hastily got up and prepared to plunder some treasures on the ship.

As the crown prince of the Undead race, not to mention those treasures, even the whole ship was hers!

However, as soon as Shen Yanxiao opened the door, she saw Ye Dou crouching at the door with drifting eyes, and his sleepy face was somewhat dispirited.

“Your Highness!” Ye Dou immediately stood up when he saw Shen Yanxiao.

He decisively rubbed his sleepy eyes and looked at Shen Yanxiao with sparkling eyes.

“When did you get here” Shen Yanxiao looked at Ye Dou with a trace of interest in her eyes.

The effect of this curse was really good.

It could make the pampered prince get up so early in the morning.

Ye Dou said, “I came this morning.”

In fact, Ye Dou really did not get up in the morning.

Even if Shen Yanxiao gave him a hint, his biological clock was not so accurate.

However, early in the morning, the group of royal relatives rushed to his room and aggressively picked him up from the bed, roaring.

Before Ye Dou could understand what was going on, he was scolded and slapped by the group of crazy royal relatives.

In such a situation, Ye Dou could not continue to sleep no matter how sleepy he was.

Poor him.

After being beaten and scolded crazily, he was forced to do rough work.

He wiped the ground, poured out the garbage, and wiped the table with water.

He was so tired that his soul almost left his body.

Ye Dou was extremely sad.

He ran all the way to Shen Yanxiaos door in tears, wanting to seek shelter.

But how could a low-level undead disturb His Highness rest

Therefore, he could only silently squat at the door and wait for Shen Yanxiao to wake up naturally.

“Get some food,” Shen Yanxiao said.

Ye Dou nodded.

Seeing His Highness Mingye, he could finally be at ease.

Watching Ye Dou go to get food, Shen Yanxiao returned to her room and decided to wait until she had eaten and drunk her fill before searching for treasures.

Soon, Shen Yanxiaos room was filled with undeads.

Ye Dou held a plate and trembled as he was squeezed behind the group of high-level undead.

The group of royal relatives wore a smile on their faces as they sang Shen Yanxiaos daily praises.

Secretly, they had also stepped on Ye Dou several times.

Little bitch! Who told you to seduce our incomparably pure prince Who told you to bewitch our master!

How could Shen Yanxiao not notice such a small action However…

You can bully him all you want.

Dont be polite.

This is your real prince.

When I recover his memory one day, he will remember this moment!

It had to be said that Shen Yanxiaos black-belliedness had reached a terrifying level.

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