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Chapter 1776 Can You Act Like A Dragon A Bit (2)

That did not mean that they could recover after being chewed into pieces!

The undeads were not without casualties when they fought against the dragons.

However, most of them were crushed by the dragons or killed by their spells.

No undead had ever died in the dragons… stomach.

Even the undeads could not accept such a method of death!

If that earth dragon were to fight back like the other dragons and trample them to death one by one, these undeads would probably feel better.

However… what the f*ck was going on If they were to rush over, it would be giving the earth dragon rations!

The undeads were frightened by the earth dragons strange “killing” method and no one dared to take another step forward.

However, the earth dragon was not satisfied with the pastries that it had just consumed.

It opened its mouth again, and the howling wind engulfed all the undeads that approached it.

Dozens of undeads were swept into its mouth by the strong wind.

Crunch… crack…

The next second, the undeads released a shrill cry and turned around to run.

Zela took a deep breath.

He could not believe that the many undeads under his command would be frightened to this extent by an earth dragon.

“You group of good-for-nothings! What are you afraid of Its only an earth dragon and there are so many of you.

Why are you afraid of an earth dragon Beat it up! Slaughter that earth dragon for me!” This was the most shameful thing Zela had encountered since he entered the Hidden Dragon Continent.

No matter how abnormal this earth dragon was, it was only a low-level dragon.

He did not believe that the many undeads under his command could not do anything to it!

Zela gave up on the idea of capturing it alive and ordered his undead subordinates to launch a fierce attack on the earth dragon.

As a high-level undead, he had the ability to resurrect dead bodies, and with this earth dragon being very special, it would be a good thing if he could turn it into his servant.

The undeads calmed down under Zelas roar and came back to their senses.

It was only then did they realize how shameful their actions were.

The opponent was merely an earth dragon.

Did they have to be so afraid

They had captured countless earth dragons before!

Reason returned to their minds and the undeads once again pounced on the earth dragon.

Their weapons were aimed at the earth dragons body.

However, the earth dragon who was enjoying the delicious food did not have any reaction to this at all.

It merely narrowed its eyes and enjoyed the wonderful taste in its mouth.

Towards those attacks that landed on its body, it was lazy to even move its eyelids.

Soon, the undeads discovered a serious problem.

Their attacks on the earth dragon did not have any effect at all.

Not to mention injuring the earth dragon, they could not even scratch its scales after a long time.

The bombardment of spells did not even leave a scratch on the earth dragon.

The undeads were thoroughly speechless.

They were already familiar with dealing with earth dragons, but they had never encountered such an abnormal situation.

A large wave of attacks did not even injure a single dragon scale.

What was going on

While the undeads were in a tragic state, the earth dragon was happily eating.

In order to attack it, the undead directly surrounded it.

As long as it opened its mouth and took two breaths, it would have endless rations.

This was simply too fortunate!

The earth dragon wagged its tail happily and its pair of dragon eyes were half-squinted.

It did not feel any sense of crisis from being besieged.

It was as happy as a puppy that had fallen on a pile of bones.

It was so pleasant!

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