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Chapter 1771 I Am an Undead (1)

During the ten-day preparation period, Shen Yanxiao took advantage of every second and memorized the topographic map of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The territory of the Hidden Dragon Continent was mainly divided into five parts.

The eastern, southern, northern, western, and central region.

The central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent had been previously divided among the five most powerful eight-winged golden dragons.

Long Huang, the Dragon Emperor, was the most powerful and coupled with his wife, Long Miao, who was one of the strongest among the female eight-winged golden dragons.

Therefore, their territory in the central region was also the largest.

The other four golden dragons, who were equally matched, occupied the other four parts of the central region.

As for the remaining dragons, they just moved around in the eastern, southern, northern and western directions.

The situation in the Hidden Dragon Continent had been the same for the past thousands of years and rarely would a new eight-winged golden dragon defeat the original Dragon King.

In addition, the number of eight-winged golden dragons had decreased after the war between gods and devils.

Female eight-winged golden dragons were already so rare that there were some difficulties in breeding the next generation.

Therefore, there were very few young eight-winged golden dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent, which led to not many changes to the structure.

At most, those young eight-winged golden dragons would occupy a piece of land that was not considered fertile and build their own territory.

Long Yan first invaded the central region, and Long Huangs territory suffered from the first wave of attack.

After he gained a firm foothold in Long Huangs territory, he began to advance toward the other four territories in the central region.

During this process, two of the four eight-winged golden dragons, who were second only to Long Huang, were killed by the undead army.

The other two escaped with severe injuries, but they were found in the North.

Up until now, no dragons knew where those two golden dragons went.

After that, Long Yan made use of the geographical advantages of the central region to attack other regions.

Other than the northern region, the entire Hidden Dragon Continent was basically under Long Yans control.

At present, Long Yan had integrated the central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent into his domain.

If Shen Yanxiao wanted to steal the map, she would have to sneak into the central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Unfortunately, with Long Yan unable to locate the little golden dragon, he had dispatched a large number of undeads to conduct a carpet search in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

If Shen Yanxiao wanted to approach the central region with Vermilion Bird, she would probably be attacked by a large group of undeads before she could even arrive.

Even with the help of Taotie, Vermilion Bird, and Xiu, Shen Yanxiao did not have the courage to blindly rush into Long Yans domain.

Wasnt that making her an obvious target

Thus, Shen Yanxiao could only rely on her feet to move forward.

With the Moonlight Necklace, she could avoid the perception of the undeads.

As for Vermilion Bird and Taotie, their aura were too powerful, so Shen Yanxiao could only summon them back into her body.

As for Mini Dragon and Little Phoenix, they were forcefully pushed to Shen Yu and Wen Ya before she set off.

After tidying up, Shen Yanxiao embarked on a long journey of thieving.

Wearing a black cloak, Shen Yanxiao set off from the northern region of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The style of the cloak was copied from the undeads she had captured.

The wide cloak could cover Shen Yanxiao entirely, making her look no different from other undeads.

In order to be even more cautious, Shen Yanxiao even used disguise potions to disguise herself as an undead.

Other than the lack of death aura, she looked just like an undead.

The valley of the Hidden Dragon Continent was filled with dense forest.

Shen Yanxiao continuously poured speed potions into her mouth to increase her speed.

At the northern border, she could vaguely see a few waves of undeads searching for their targets.

Shen Yanxiao carefully avoided them and headed towards the center of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

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