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Chapter 1757 Help (2)

Suddenly, two loud booms sounded.

Halls line of sight shifted away from Long Shi.

On the other side of the battlefield, two figures were continuously attacking the undeads that besieged them.

The two figures were so insignificant in front of the dragons, but they relied on their powerful strength to force back the undeads time and time again, protecting the two seriously injured dragons behind them.

“Where did those two humans come from!” Hall roared.

One Long Shi was already giving him a headache, but there were two powerful humans by his side!

Humans were the weakest among the eight races.

In the eyes of the undeads, humans were just vulnerable.

However, that man and woman had completely overturned Halls understanding of humans.

The peerlessly handsome man held a staff in his hand and constantly raised it.

He did not even need to chant before he could cast large-scale spells with great destructive power, blasting dozens of undeads around him into dust.

The woman standing by the mans side had a beautiful and gentle appearance, but she held a golden longbow in her hand.

Every time she shot, there were ten consecutive arrows, and each arrow struck the space between the eyebrows of each undead.

The explosive arrows could blast their heads into pieces in an instant.

If Long Shi in the sky had caused him to gnash his teeth in hatred, then the two humans on the ground had practically driven him crazy!

Shouldnt humans be fragile and small

What was with those two

Did humans mutate!

Hall forcefully suppressed his anger.

Another wave of undead army heard his call and rushed over.

Hundreds of undeads and dozens of bone dragons joined the battlefield again.

The sudden increase in enemies caused Long Shi and the rest to be besieged from both sides, and they fell into a bitter struggle.

“Theres no end to it.” Wen Ya frowned.

She could not remember how many undeads she had killed, but they were an endless flood.

A soft laugh overflowed from the man by Wen Yas side.

The man looked at the impatience in Wen Yas eyes with affection and gently said.

“The undeads have always been inexhaustible.

If they are exhausted, they only need to start a massacre somewhere and resurrect them after they have created piles of corpses..”

“You can still smile.” Wen Ya shot a glance at the handsome man, but the golden bow in her hand did not stop for a moment.

“Youre right, my dear.

Ill cry right now.” The man chuckled and pretended to be sad.

He waved his staff and blew away the undead who attempted to approach him.

Wen Ya could not help but laugh.

In this world, only this guy could be so relaxed.

“If this continues, Im afraid Long Shi wont be able to support himself.

Should we think of a way to retreat” Wen Ya looked at the battlefield in the sky.

The addition of dozens of bone dragons immediately caused Long Shi to fall into a bitter struggle.

Among those bone dragons, there were five to six six-winged bone dragons!

The man sighed.

“Ive long wanted to retreat, but the undeads do not intend to let us go.”

They were surrounded.

How could it be easy to retreat

With his, Wen Ya and Long Shis abilities, it was not impossible for them to escape unscathed.

However, the severely injured sky dragons had lost his ability to escape.

If they wanted to retreat, they could only abandon him.

However, no one would make such a choice.

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