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Chapter 1754 Dispute (3)

There were not many of them, and the disappearance of the little golden dragon had caused Long Yan to dispatch a large number of undeads at one go in order to carry out a carpet search throughout the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

When Long Shi and the others encountered the first wave of undeada, they immediately lured all the patrolling undeada over after a fight.

A large number of undeada surrounded them, and Long Shi and the others fell into a bitter struggle.

The four-winged red dragon finally broke out of the encirclement and told Qian Yuan the news.

Hearing this, Qian Yuan immediately went to the other golden dragons in the North to ask for their help.

However, the dragons in the North did not intend to save them.

For a moment, Qian Yuan started arguing with them, which was what Shen Yanxiao and the rest saw.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

The human couple by Long Shis side Wasnt that her parents

“Long Shi left the North without permission, and he could have exposed our tracks.

Now, he wants us to save him Impossible!” One of the golden dragons snorted.

Countless dragons were killed in front of Long Yans undead army.

A large number of dragons were forced by Long Yan to crawl under his feet.

They were the only forces left in the entire Hidden Dragon Continent.

They had been hiding carefully.

Once Long Yan discovered their base, he would spare no effort to kill them.

Long Yan had the undeads to help him resurrect an undead army, but the number of dragons would decrease with each death.

There was no hope in such a fight.

Thus, the dragons did not dare to fight it out with Long Yan.

“Are we just going to watch Long Shi die Are we going to stay holed up in this valley and allow Long Yan to occupy the entire Hidden Dragon Continent” Qian Yuan could not understand the thoughts of these golden dragons.

He had traveled to the Brilliance Continent with Long Huang 2000 years ago.

Even though the Dragon Emperor was dead, Qian Yuan was well aware of his personality.

His decisiveness and determination of never bowing down to any faction had deeply influenced Qian Yuan.

Qian Yuan could not accept the current situation of the Dragon race.

Long Yan was too powerful.

The lucky surviving dragons had either surrendered or were hiding everywhere.

They had lost the courage to fight.

The horror of the undead army was similar to a nightmare.

It had bound this once powerful race to their narrow minds.

Fear and despair had covered them.

Dragons that were afraid to fight…

How ridiculous was that

“Do we have to send so many of our comrades to their deaths for him The subordinates of the Dragon Emperor all nearly died for his good-for-nothing son.

Whats the use of resisting” The golden dragon was furious.

If they could fight, would they not fight However, how many dragons had died in the hands of the undeads How many of their comrades bodies had been resurrected by the undeads and turned into their opponents

Their former comrade turned into an enemy that would fight them to the death in the future.

Such tragedies were constantly happening in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

The dragons were tired.

They did not want the tragedy to repeat itself.

The golden dragons furious roar made the little golden dragon, who was hiding by Shen Yanxiaos side, tremble.

Every single word of his stabbed to the heart and tore his recently recovered soul into pieces.

His fathers subordinates were nearly all dead because of him…

Just as the little golden dragon was about to fall into self-reproach, a warm hand held his cold little hand tightly.

The little golden dragon looked up and looked at Shen Yanxiaos smiling face.

That warm smile made the dark side of his heart disappear in an instant.

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