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Chapter 1731: Internal Strife among the Dragon race (2)

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“When His Little Highness was born, he was very weak.

The demonic aura in Her Majesty Long Miaos body was inherited by His Little Highness.

When His Little Highness was born, he was only one-third the size of an average young dragon.

Her Majesty Long Miao used all her strength to stabilize His Little Highness life aura.

However, it was at that time that Long Yan suddenly led his dragons and undeads to launch an attack on us! Her Majesty Long Miao had just exhausted a large amount of strength and was incapable of fighting.

The dozens of six-winged silver dragons in the territory led their troops to resist.

Originally, they could last for a period of time.

However, Long Yan obtained the skeleton of an eight-winged golden dragon and resurrected it to an undead.

The moment that eight-winged bone dragon appeared, it killed all the silver dragons with Long Yan by its side.

The only one who survived was Long Shi.”

The red dragons eyes were brimming with tears.

It was as if he could exactly recall the calamity their tribe suffered that day again.

Countless comrades rushed to the enemy in order to protect the Dragon Queen.

The blood of dragons stained the ground outside their nest.

“Her Majesty Long Miao knew that we could no longer resist Long Yans attack.

Therefore, she asked us to escape with His Little Highness who was born not long ago while she and Long Shi fought against that eight-winged bone dragon and Long Yan.

In the end, in order for us to successfully escape with His Little Highness, she chose to self-destruct in order to prevent her corpse from landing in the hands of the undeads.”

The red dragon was already sobbing.

When they fled with the little prince, they saw Long Miao choosing to self-destruct when she was stuck fighting with that eight-winged bone dragon.

Even though Long Miao was severely injured, the self-destruction of an eight-winged golden dragon was not something anyone could withstand.

She used her life to destroy the only eight-winged bone dragon under Long Yan and bought time for the red dragon and the rest to escape.

Even until today, the red dragon and the rest still remembered the scene of their Dragon Queen

getting entangled with the bone dragon high up in the sky and self-destructing.

The loud explosion shook the entire valley and the strong impact swept across all the enemies nearby, causing blood to fly everywhere.

Long Miaos blood dyed the entire sky red.

“Long Shi held Long Yan back in the end, and that was how we escaped.

At that time, there were more than three thousand dragons protecting His Little Highness together.

However, Long Yan never stopped hunting us for more than a thousand years.

No matter where we ran to, he would always find us in a short time.

Wave after wave of attacks, our comrades are now all dead… all dead… only the two of us are left behind…” The red dragon could not help but cry.

His comrades that he had grown up with had died one by one in front of his eyes.

The Dragon Queen that he respected the most had also killed herself in order for them to escape.

They had never felt such hatred.

They hated Long Yans viciousness, the craftiness of the undeads, and their own helplessness.

The red dragons description caused everyone to fall silent.

Qian Yuan and the two sky dragons were crying in grief.

Taotie and Vermilion Bird stood by Shen Yanxiaos side and tightly grabbed her sleeves.

The destruction of the Dragon Emperor Tribe was too shocking.

They could practically imagine how tragic that war was.

Shen Yanxiaos throat was somewhat dry.

She admired Long Miaos bravery.

In the face of the life and death of her entire race, she did not choose to escape.

Instead, she stood out at the first instance and used herself to buy time for the other dragons..

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