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Chapter 1722 Encounter with the Undead (1)

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Qian Yuan led Shen Yanxiao and the others to the north from the outskirts of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

By flying high in the sky, they could effectively avoid conflict with the merfolks.

During their break, they encountered three more attacks from the merfolks.

After knowing the overall situation, Qian Yuan was no longer angry at them.

He just moved away and did not fight with the merfolks.

After five days of flight, they had only completed half of their journey.

When night fell, Shen Yanxiao and her group landed to rest.

To avoid encountering the merfolks, Qian Yuan brought them inland and found a small valley to rest.

Sitting in front of the bonfire, Shen Yanxiao took out the food stored in her interspatial ring.

The two sky dragons were not far away from the bonfire, blocking the night breeze.

“We should be able to find the surviving dragons in the northern region in another five days.

Qian Yuan, what are your plans after we reach the northern region” Shen Yanxiao looked at Qian Yuan who was deep in

thought as she ate her rations.

Along the way, Qian Yuan and the two sky dragons were flying at full speed.

She could guess how eager he was to find his companions.

Qian Yuan looked at the raging bonfire and his resolute face looked exceptionally determined under the light.

“lam going to see if there are any of my kings subordinates there.

If there are, I will go with them to find the whereabouts of His Little Highness.” The only one who was supporting Qian Yuans mental state right now

was Little Highness.

“There is no news of your little princes death from Long Yans side.

I believe he should still be alive.

He did not conceal the death of the Dragon Queen because he wanted to completely suppress the dragons that

wanted to resist.

If he had killed your little prince, he would have certainly spread the news.” Shen Yanxiao analyzed the current situation.

The survival rate of that eight-winged golden dragon should be above seventy


“Perhaps he is already in the north.” Yang Xi comforted.

Qian Yuan shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “If His Little Highness had arrived at the north, the merfolks would have known.

Xiaoxiao is right.

His Little Highness should still be alive, but I dont know where

he has wandered to.

As long as His Little Highness is still alive, Long Yan will never let him go.

I must find His Little Highness as soon as possible, or else Long Yan will hurt him!” Qian Yuan clenched his fist as his eyes

were filled with hatred for the betrayer of the Dragon race.

The loyalty of the dragons was unwavering.

Even though Long Huang and Long Miao were dead, their subordinates would still fight to the death to protect their child.

The dragons might be simple-minded and irritable, but they had an astonishing stubbornness about their beliefs.

This kind of stubbornness could display astonishing strength in some aspects.

In the dead of the night, Shen Yanxiao and the others sat by the campfire, but they were not sleepy.

How could they possibly sleep when they were in a strange continent and encountered such a situation

As a Dragon Knight, Yang Xi was sad about the internal strife of the Dragon race.

Other than feeling sad for the dragons, Shen Yanxiao was more worried about her parents.

Long Shi was Long Huangs subordinate, and Long Yan had spared no effort to eradicate Long Huangs influence.

As a six-winged silver dragon, Long Shi must be the first target.

Otherwise, he would not have traveled

across the sea and escaped to the Brilliance Continent.

Right now, Shen Yu and Wen Ya should be by Long Shis side.

If Long Yan were to attack Long Shi, then her parents would be implicated.

She could ignore the internal strife of the Dragon race, but she would chop off the bones of anyone who dared to touch her parents!.

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