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Chapter 1720 Scum of the Dragon race (2)

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Shen Yanxiao looked at Qian Yuan.

She could understand his fury and panic.

The Hidden Dragon Continent was his homeland, and the territory of the Dragon Emperor was his home.

After thousands of years of separation, he finally returned, but he was informed that his homeland and home

had been seized by someone else.

Imagine if Shen Yanxiao were to return to the Brilliance Continent and discover that the Forsaken Land had changed owners.

How terrifying would that be

“Long Miao Are you referring to Long Huangs wife She died in battle when Long Yan attacked.

She and Long Huangs son… I think Ive heard of them, but we dont know the details.

Either he escaped or he was killed

by Long Yan.

Either way, there are only those two outcomes.” The merfolk shrugged his shoulders.

He was willing to say so much because of that human.

Otherwise, he would not have wanted to talk nonsense with the

Dragon race.

“Dead…” Qian Yuan took a few steps back with a pale face.

For two thousand years, they experienced unimaginable torture and watched their king die in front of them.

Now when they returned to their home, they realized that everything here had undergone a tremendous


Their Dragon Queen was dead and their little princes fate was unknown…

“Oh god, what on earth has happened!” Qian Yuan knelt on the back of the sky dragon and looked up to the sky as he roared.

Endless grief was buried in that roar.

The two sky dragons also released mournful dragon roars.

They thought that all their hardships would end when they returned to the Hidden Dragon Continent, but how could they know that this was only the


Shen Yanxiao quietly looked at the three grieving dragons and felt sorry for their plight.

“Since you are not with Long Yan, we will let you go for the time being.

If you do not wish to surrender to Long Yan, then it would be best if you do not enter the depths of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Half of the land

here has been occupied by Long Yan.

If you wish to continue living, go to the north.

There are still a few eight-winged golden dragons and six-winged silver dragons that are still persisting.” The merfolk seemed to

have sensed the sadness and despair of Qian Yuan and the rest.

He raised his hand and pointed to the north.

“Then do you know where a six-winged silver dragon named Long Shi is” Shen Yanxiao suddenly thought of Long Shi, the six-winged silver dragon that saved her father.

Her mother, Wen Ya, had come to the Hidden

Dragon Continent not long ago and she wondered how things were.

“Long Shi” The merperson pondered for a moment and said, “Isnt Long Shi one of Long Huangs former subordinates After Long Miao was killed, he seemed to have fled to the Brilliance Continent.

I seem to have

heard of him in recent years, and he seems to be in the north.”

Long Shi was Long Huangs subordinate Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

However, what the merfolk said was in line with what Wen Ya said.

When Long Shi went to the Brilliance Continent to sign a contract with her father, it was very likely that he escaped from Long Yans pursuit after his defeat.

“Thank you, my friends from the sea.

I, Shen Yanxiao, will never forget your kindness today.” Shen Yanxiao looked at the merfolks and sighed internally.

The merfolks did not seem as cold and heartless as the rumors


The merfolk glanced at Shen Yanxiao.

“I am telling you so much because the divine power in you is the densest.

My Merfolk race has received the favor of the God race, and we will be eternally grateful for it.

That is all I

can say to you.

You better take care of yourselves in the future.”.

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