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Chapter 1719: Scum of the Dragon race (1)

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“More than a thousand years ago, a group of undead came to the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Somehow, they managed to contact an eight-winged golden dragon of the Dragon race.

And after a period of time, the two sides decided to cooperate.

That eight-winged golden dragon provided the dragon bones

of the dead dragon for the undead.

The dragon bones were resurrected by the undead using their magic and helped that eight-winged golden dragon dominate the entire Hidden Dragon Continent,” the merfolk explained slowly.

“Impossible!” Qian Yuan angrily said.

As a dragon, he knew better than anyone that dragons loathed the undead.

Dragons cherished every one of their kind, and it was impossible for them to give their skeletons to those undead.

The undead had their own unique abilities.

They hovered between life and death and possessed the ability to resurrect the dead.

By relying on the bodies of the deceased, they could resurrect any race, and those undead would no longer have any ability to think nor any memories before their death.

They would be reborn as a brand new undead and live with the thoughts of the undead.

Some undead would even deliberately destroy

the will of the deceased when they resurrected powerful beings.

In that case, the resurrected undead would directly listen to the undead that resurrected them, similar to a puppet that could not think independently.

The reason why the undead were loathed by other races was because of their magic that disrespected the dead.

The merfolk glanced at Qian Yuan and said coldly, “Whats impossible If you go deeper into the Hidden Dragon Continent, you will naturally see many undead bone dragons.

At that time, you will know if I am lying.”

“Whats the name of that eight-winged golden dragon you mentioned” Qian Yuan angrily asked.

The merfolk thought for a moment before he slowly said, “Long Yan.”

“Is him!” Qian Yuans expression changed as if he had suffered a huge blow.

“You know him” Shen Yanxiao looked at Qian Yuans unusual reaction and asked.

Qian Yuans complexion was deathly white.

His lips trembled as he looked at Shen Yanxiao and said, “Long Yan is my kings younger brother.

Qian Yuan took a deep breath and continued.

“Back then, there were a total of two male eight-winged golden dragons in my kings territory.

One of them was my king.

and the other was Long Yan.

Long Yan was inferior to my king in terms of strength, but he wanted to lead a group of dragons to

overthrow my king.

However, he was suppressed by my king and expelled from the territory.

After that, Long Yan occupied an area at the border of the Hidden Dragon Continent and I never saw him again after that.

If its really Long Yan… perhaps… perhaps what the merfolks said is true.

Long Yans

temperament is somewhat gloomy.

If theres an eight-winged golden dragon among the dragons that could do such a thing, Im afraid hes the only one.”

Qian Yuan lowered his head.

He was almost sure that what the merfolks said was true.

He had always been by Long Huangs side and naturally, he knew Long Yans personality.

“The king you mentioned is the Dragon Emperor” The merfolk seemed to have thought of something after he heard what Qian Yuan said.

“Yes.” Qian Yuan was in a terrible mood.

“Oh, then let me give you a piece of advice.

If you wish to return to your original territory, you dont have to.

That is the area that Long Yan conquered the earliest.

Right now, that area has been occupied by Long Yans subordinates and the bone dragons.” The merfolk offered some with adive good


“What Then what about Her Highness Long Miao And… and my kings child, they…” Qian Yuans mind was buzzing and he could not believe his ears..

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