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Chapter 1704: Turning Every Man Into A Soldier (1)

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Qian Yuan and his group of dragons would need at least a month to recuperate.

In this short month, Shen Yanxiao had many things to do.

Ever since she returned from the Moon God Continent, Shen Yanxiao had not trained well.

Her strength had always remained at the level of a Second-Class zexpert.

Above Great Professionals of the second class promotion were Saint Professionals.

Even though there was only a difference of one rank, the gap was shocking.

There were tens of thousands of Second-Class Experts in the Broken Star Palace, but only two of them had reached the level of a Saint

Professional in thousands of years.

From that, it could be seen how difficult it was to cross that step.

It was no exaggeration to say that the amount of energy required to advance from an Advanced Professional to a Saint Professional was five times more than the energy required to advance from a Primary Professional to a Great Professional.

It was practically impossible for Shen Yanxiao to improve so much in a short time.

In addition to training, Shen Yanxiao had to continuously absorb dark elements to ensure Xius recovery before she went to the Dragon Continent.

During this one month, the Forsaken Land began a new round of construction.

The rulers of the four countries stayed in Dim City for five days.

After that, they left.

Soon after, they sent funds to support the construction of the Forsaken Land.

At that moment, they no longer dared to have any selfish thoughts.

If Shen Yanxiao could not turn the situation around, then three years later, the only thing that awaited humans would be destruction.

With the help of funds, the construction of the cities in the Forsaken Land progressed even faster.

Fifteen days later, the experts selected from the four countries with potential had been sent to Dim City.

Many of them did not know why they had come here.

They only knew that the Emperor had personally summoned them before they came.

There was no other explanation.

He wanted them to stay in

Dim City for the next three years and concentrate on their training.

They, who had some doubts, were stirred up not long after they entered Dim City!

The Magic Tower, Battle Aura Pagoda, and the personal guidance of tens of thousands of Second-Class experts!

It was as if they were in a dream.

Majority of them were Advanced Professionals and there were also some talented Intermediate Professionals.

The first batch of people to enter Dim City numbered more than thirty thousand, and they were the top figures selected by various countries.

Providing them with the best resources would result

in the best results.

Every expert of the Broken Star Palace had brought two to three disciples with them.

They were the ones responsible for guiding these talented people during this period of time.

From that moment on, Dim City became the only holy land in the Forsaken Land to nurture powerful warriors.

Every city in the Forsaken Land had been ordered by Shen Yanxiao to build a weapon factory.

She ordered the factories to work day and night.

Over three hundred thousand slaves that were brought back to the Forsaken Land had also begun to learn magic and battle aura.

Shen Yanxiao extended an invitation to all the experts who came to seek refuge.

She invited them to teach the ordinary citizens of the Forsaken Land.

As long as they agreed, Shen Yanxiao would provide them with the best resources.

Moreover, she would give them a week to enter the Dim City every

month to train with the Broken Star Palace.

Even though the Broken Star Palace had been defeated by Shen Yanxiao, their prestige in the Brilliance Continent was still untouched.

With these experts wanting to obtain guidance from the Broken Star Palace, they would work extra hard to teach these ordinary citizens.

Shen Yanxiao used everything she could to prepare for the war three years later.

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