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Chapter 1697: This World is a Fantasy (2)

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With one hand under her chin, a certain someone seated in the hall smiled as she looked at those rulers who did not even dare to raise their heads.

Her eyes were filled with teasing.

“Everyone, why are you so nervous Men, bring some chairs for the rulers of the four countries.”

Apleasant female voice sounded in the hall.

That voice caused the rulers of the four countries to tremble.

The Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace was a woman!!

This fact caused them to be so shocked on the spot that they practically could not believe their ears.

Long Fei frowned as he stood in the crowd.

He felt that the voice sounded familiar, but it was too rude to lift his head, so he still lowered his head like everyone else.

Dozens of people from the Broken Star Palace carried chairs and placed them in the hall.

However, none of them dared to move a single step.


What a joke!

How would they dare to sit down in front of the Palace Master

“We are flattered by the Palace Masters kind intentions.

How are we fit to sit in front of the Palace Master Its… better to stand.” The King of the Blue Moon Dynasty carefully said.

God knew if this was the test the Palace Master gave them.

If they were to sit down, wouldnt it seem like they did not care about the Broken Star Palace

Wouldnt that be an excuse for the Broken Star Palace to kill them

No way!

They would never sit down!

Acertain someone seated on the throne looked at these frightened people, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Who would have expected that the rulers of the four countries did not even dare to raise their heads and breathe loudly in front of her She had asked them to sit down with good intentions, but they acted as if they were afraid that she would eat them up.

Acertain someone touched her chin in ponderment.

She had always believed that she was considered adorable.

“Is my face that ugly You dont even dare to look at me” A teasing voice echoed in the hall.

The rulers of the four countries shivered.

How could they dare to think that she was ugly

No matter how stunning her appearance was, they would only treat her as a fairy.

How could they dare to say anything bad about her

How unjust!

“The Palace Master is a rare beauty in this world.

We… we are lowly people, so we dare not tarnish the Palace Masters peerless appearance.” The Emperor of the Longxuan Empire was covered in cold sweat, but he was smiling bitterly inside.

This Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace was too unpredictable!

She invited them to sit down and asked them to raise their heads.

All these actions were disrespectful!

They did not want to die!

Please let them go!

Acertain someones eyes flashed with displeasure when her good intentions were repeatedly rejected.

“If you like the floor of my Broken Star Palace so much, I dont mind having someone dig out your eyeballs and insert them into the floor so that you can have a good look.”

The sudden chill caused the temperature in the hall to drop.

Sage Feng, who stood in front of the rulers of the four countries, wished he could chop off their heads.

How dare they reject their Palace Masters kind intention Are those idiots tired of living

Acertain someones threat immediately took effect.

The group of people trembled, and they immediately raised their heads and looked at that slender figure in the hall in horror.

With a single glance, everyone was stunned on the spot.

The rulers of the four countries stared at that slender figure with their mouths agape as their minds exploded in an instant.

Who could tell them that this was not true!

This world was a fantasy!

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