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When the light crystals illuminated the entire darkroom, Shen Yanxiao gasped.

In the huge darkroom, four huge iron cages were placed at the four cardinal


A huge dragon was imprisoned in each cage.

The dragons huge

body occupied almost every inch of space in the cage, so they could only curl

up and squeeze themselves in the cage.

Their dragon claws had been twisted

and deformed due to it being curled up for a long time, and scars could be

vaguely seen on their dragon wings that they tried their best to fold

The strength of dragons was common knowledge.

However, Shen Yanxiao and the rest never expected that the dragons they met

for the first time would be so pitiful.

These hegemons of the sky were tied up in the cage.

They could not fly in the

sky and were trapped in an iron cage.

Shen Yanxiao swallowed her saliva with great dificulty.

This was a humiliation for the dragon race!

At the center of the room, several iron chains were tied to a translucent glass


Within the crystal clear glass ball, a bright red heart was beating

continuously and ice-blue lightning was striking the heart inch by inch.

Shen Yanxiaos heart suddenly cramped, as if someone had strangled her neck,

causing her to not be able to breathe.

Exactly how inhumane were they to have done such a crazy thing

The eight-winged golden dragon was already dead, but those people did not

even let go of its corpse.

The heart of the dragon had been plucked out, and

they used the Forbidden Skill to stimulate it with magic, making it pump

endlessly and release the might of a dragon.

All for the sake of suppressing the four dragons imprisoned in this room!

All of a sudden, Shen Yanxiao took out the long bow from her interspatial ring.

Ten arrows were suddenly nocked on the bowstring and with a pull of her

fingertips, ten arrows flew towards those chains like lightning!

The tinkling sound echoed in the room.

The ten chains broke and Shen Yanxiao continued shooting

She released dozens of arrows in the blink of an eye and the glass ball that had

lost its binding fell from the sky.

Lan Fengli suddenly dashed over and caught the falling glass ball in mid-air.

When Lan Fengli landed on the ground, the four dragons in the darkroom

released shrill screams.

These powerful dragons were making a sound that could cause everyone to be


For his own selfish reasons, he had even attacked his former ally.

“Xiao Feng, smash it and let the golden dragon rest in peace.” Shen Yanxiao

voice stiffened.

For some reason, her heart ached when she saw the heart th

was forced to beat.

It was as if that heart did not come from the dragon race, but from her fami

At that moment, Shen Yanxiao almost wanted to drag Ouyang Huanyu out a

dismember him.

“Yes.” Lan Fengli nodded decisively.

He had acted subconsciously just now, i

when he held the heart of the eight-winged golden dragon, he felt

unprecedented sadness.

This feeling was the same as when Shen Yanxiao passed out after the beast



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