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Chapter 1679: Taking Over the Broken Star Palace (2)

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It would be up to them to decide.

The Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace was powerless to reverse the situation.

In front of Xiu, he did not have the slightest courage.

In fact, he did not even have the courage to look Xiu in the eye.

He restrained his aura and stood rooted on the spot, as if he would faint the next second.

The pressure Xiu placed on him was enough to suffocate an ordinary person to death.

The other members of the Broken Star Palace looked at each other.

Shen Yanxiaos words had pierced deep into their souls.

When they first entered the Broken Star Palace, which one of them did not wish to become a hero of the Brilliance Continent

Which one of them did not wish to contribute to mankinds strength

However, after entering the Broken Star Palace, the only thing they had to do every day was to cultivate and isolate themselves from the outside world.

Even if they were to leave the Broken Star Palace occasionally, they would have to complete the missions the Palace Master had given them.

He wanted to knock down the four countries and suppress the rising forces.

They could no longer remember how much blood of the same race had stained their hands.

All of this was completely different from their outstanding performance when they first entered the Broken Star Palace.

They had questioned and regretted their actions.

However, there were still many members more powerful than them in the Broken Star Palace, and they already could not even control their own lives.

They could only submit until their conscience was extinguished and pass their days of continuous training numbly.

Their lives had become static and their only goal was to train to a higher level.

However, they had no idea why they were training so hard.

Three years later, the Devil race would reappear in the world.

This devastating news had awakened the hot-bloodedness of those who had been numb for a long time.

Guarding the Brilliance Continent against foreign races and an invasion.

Wasnt that their original goal

A member of the Broken Star Palace slowly walked out from the crowd.

He had an aged appearance and looked to be in his sixties.

Under everyones gaze, he stood in the middle of the two armies.

“I am a Sage of the Broken Star Palace.

I have been in the Broken Star Palace for more than two thousand years and I have done many bad things.

I once sent people with insufficient strength into the laboratory and turned them into dregs.

I have always felt that since the Broken Star Palace had always operated in this way, then I should continue according to its pattern.

Shen Yanxiao, Lord of the Forsaken Land, I choose to surrender.

Perhaps you will think that I am greedy for life and afraid of death, living an ignoble existence.

But as you have said, the confrontation with the Devil race three years later will be my final test.

I have sinned greatly in this life.

I do not wish to have a peaceful life any longer.

I only wish that I can die on the battlefield against the Devil race,” the old man spoke slowly.

His tone had changed from gentle to slightly raspy.

His eyes were slightly red.

He was remorseful and ashamed for everything he had done.

Shen Yanxiao quietly looked at the first person who stepped forward.

From his aura, she could sense that he had reached the peak of a Great Professional of the second class promotion and was only one step away from the Saint Profession.

“When I give you the opportunity to choose, I will not consider anything else.

In three years, whether the Brilliance Continent falls under the hands of the Devil race will depend on your performance.

This land needs the protection of us humans.

I hope you will not let down your status as a powerful expert..” Shen Yanxiao smiled and accepted his surrender.

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