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Chapter 1673: Who is the Real God (2)

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After the death of his comrade who founded the Broken Star Palace together with him, the Palace Master had not stepped out for a long time.

Even so, he could clearly understand the changes in the Brilliance Continent through his subordinates.

Be it the change of rulers of the four countries or the rise of Shen Yanxiao, he knew it like the back of his hand.

With the exception of the equally mysterious God Realm, the Palace Master did not believe that there was another organization in the Brilliance Continent that could nurture such an expert.

When the beast tide came, the God Realm sent troops to assist Shen Yanxiao in resisting the beast tide, which meant that the two forces had already made contact.

Naturally, the Palace Master thought that the powerful man was probably sent by the God Realm to deal with the Broken Star Palace.

“The God Realm has always been aloof from worldly affairs.

I didnt expect that they could no longer sit still.” Xius silence made the Palace Master even more certain of the other partys identity.

A mocking smile curled on his lips.

“Since you have the ability to kill two Saint Professionals, I believe your strength should be above them.

No wonder the God Realm dared to send you here.”

Tang Nazhi looked at the Palace Master who was talking to himself and turned to Yang Xi.

“Why does that old man insist that my idol is from the God Realm”

Yang Xi shrugged his shoulders and said, “Because from what he knows, only the God Realm has decent experts.”

Before the rise of Shen Yanxiaos faction, there were only the Broken Star Palace and the God Realm in the Brilliance Continent.

Unlike the hidden Broken Star Palace, the God Realm was more of a guardian of the Brilliance Continent.

Qi Xia smiled as he looked at the Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace.

He could not help but feel curious.

If this guy knew that the god he regarded as an envoy of the God Realm was in fact the God races War God, how surprised would he be

The founder of the God Realm, Shen Siyu, was merely the God of Light.

However, the person by their side was the number one War God of the God race and his fighting strength was off the charts!

The Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace was waiting for a response, but he did not get any response after waiting for a long time.

Tang Nazhi and the rest laughed wildly in their hearts.

However, it was evident that their Lord Xiu had no interest in talking to a human.

In Lord Xius mind, Shen Yanxiao was probably the only one who had the qualifications for him to speak.

Even when he spoke to them, it was only because of Shen Yanxiaos sake.

The Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace might have some fame in the Brilliance Continent, but he was simply trash when placed before the God race.

Yet, he still dared to put on airs in front of Xiu.

He was simply courting death.

The Phantom members looked at the Palace Master with a smile.

They were eager for a certain great god to insta-kill this ignorant idiot.

The Palace Master frowned.

This was the first time someone had ignored his questions.

“Youre actually so timid You dont even dare to reveal your name Ive honestly overestimated you.

Do you think you can look down on everyone just because you can deal with Saint Professionals Ignorant brat, do you know that there are even more powerful existences above the Saint Profession”

Before the Palace Master could finish his sentence, a powerful stream of air rose from beneath his feet.

The strong wind wreaked havoc around him, and with a powerful aura, it rushed toward Shen Yanxiaos camp.

In a short moment, his aura had increased tenfold!

“Lord Magus” Shen Yanxiao widened her eyes and looked at the Palace Master who was shrouded in a layer of golden light.

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Unexpectedly, the Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace had really broken through the limits of humans and became the most powerful human!


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