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Chapter 1662: So What if I Slapped You (2)

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Sage Long and Sage Yu were not fools.

No matter how confident they were, they would not be arrogant enough to think that their subordinates were experts in a one versus four fight.

As a result, the two who had been slapped in the face forcefully dragged out all the fighting force of the Broken Star Palace.

Similar to Shen Siyus previous prediction, the total number of people in the Broken Star Palace was around twenty-five thousand.

Looking at the number of men in both armies, Shen Yanxiao clearly had the upper hand.

Due to the fear of the mysterious array, all the magical beasts under Shen Yanxiao could only sit out in this war.

But on the Broken Star Palaces side, they could summon their magical beasts without any worries.

With so many Second-Class Experts, none of their magical beasts were lower than the advanced level.

Even though mythical beasts were rare here, they still had some confidence when fighting versus two with their magical beasts by their side.

“The few humans by Shen Yanxiaos side are” Sage Yu narrowed his eyes and looked at the few humans by Shen Yanxiaos side.

Among the group of advanced-ranked demons, these humans were exceptionally eye-catching.

It could be said that all of them were dragons and phoenixes among humans and would be an attraction no matter where they stood.

“Yang Xi from the Azure Dragon Family of the Longxuan Empire, Tang Nazhi from the Black Tortoise Family, and Qi Xia from the Qilin Family.” As the culprit who instigated the war between the four countries in the Forsaken Land, Sage Feng was rather familiar with the identities of the people from Sun Never Sets.

However, he immediately stopped after introducing Qi Xia and the other two.

“What about the other three” Sage Long asked.

Sage Feng said, “I dont have any impression of that ordinary-looking man.

Looking at his posture, he should not be a powerful character.

As for that young man… he seems to be one of Shen Yanxiaos trusted aides.

However, we have yet to find out his background.

He has an ancient ferocious beast, Yazi, as his magical beast.

It is at the level of a holy beast, similar to Shen Yanxiaos Taotie.

As for…”

Sage Fengs gaze locked onto the gorgeous man standing by Shen Yanxiaos side.

Compared to the handsome appearance of Qi Xia and the rest, the appearance of that man in white was like the arrival of a king.

Even Shen Yanxiaos radiance could not dampen his looks.

He stood quietly by Shen Yanxiaos side, but he had become the center of attention.

“Who is that man” Evidently, Sage Long and Sage Yu had also noticed the uniqueness of that man in white.

Even though they were separated by such a long distance, they could still faintly sense the pressure coming from that man.

The other party was not actively releasing any aura, but the aura that naturally radiated from that man was enough for the two experts who had stepped into the Saint Profession to sense danger.

“I dont know.

When we were investigating Sun Never Sets, we did not find anything about that man.” Sage Feng frowned.

He had never seen that man during the battle against the four-nation alliance.

After the beast tide, he did not hear any rumors about him either.

Shen Yanxiao had even summoned the Wing of Death.

It could be said that she had used all her trump cards and was forced into a corner.

If she had any trump cards left, she would not have held any of them back.

The Broken Star Palace did not know that it was not that Shen Yanxiao did not want Xiu to take action, but he had fallen into a deep sleep at that time and only appeared in an instant when she fought against Satan..

But because they were far away from the battlefield at that time, Xius appearance did not leave any impression on them.

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