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Even though he lamented about the lack of public morals in some people, Tang Nazhi still admired the two chummy students at close range.

It was as if he could not get enough of the view.

It was not until the ashen-face Yan Yu dragged him from the scene that he regrettably looked away.

“So, what do you plan to do next” Shen Yanxiao kept the twenty-five badges that they had and the extra badges from the two idiots into her space ring.

She threw the others athese-are-mine-and-no-one-else-is-getting-them look.

Qi Xia did not know where to laugh or to cry when he saw the little guys expression.

However, he smiled as he said, “What other plans could we have Well continue with the test, of course.”

Yang Xi nodded and said, “There was no lack of morons who struck us when we were down.

Its time to get even with them.”

Shen Yanxiao gazed at the distance as she thought about the twenty-five youths that Qi Xia had frozen into ice blocks and she wondered if they had been defrosted yet!

“Ha! Ive long wanted to settle my debts with them!” Tang Nazhi rubbed his fists as a display of his eagerness to fight.

Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at him before she calmly said, “Do you want to smash them to their death with your bottles”

As a first-year student at the Herbalist Division, did he want to use bottles to smash them to their death or to slap them with the herbalist books until they die

Tang Nazhi was instantly silenced.

He looked at the evil-tongued Shen Yanxiao with indignance and then quietly crouched at one side to draw circles on the ground.

They were supposed to be friendly roommates, so why was Shen Yanxiao so ruthless when she attacked him!

Heartless, he was definitely heartless!

Qi Xia pulled Tang Nazhi to his feet, but he still hadindignance written all over his face.

He then called for the others, and they officially entered the depths of the Obscure Forest once again.

It was time to carry out their brutal and callous retaliation.

As first-year students from the Herbalist Division, it was time for Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi to enjoy the ride on their teammates coattails again.

In addition to that, Shen Yanxiao finally understood the meaning of the saying,like locusts that devoured everything in their path!

Those three animals were savages!

No matter which team they encountered along the way, a Blizzard spell was immediately cast to freeze those confused students into blocks of ice.

After they looted their badges, they left hurriedly, and they did not even pause to consider the fate of those students who would probably stay frozen until the end of the test.

Even though the Blizzard spell was high-level magic, it did not seem to consume any magical power as Qi Xia managed to cast the spell, one after another.

He did not even need to gasp for air.

Those students could offer no resistance, and they could only look on helplessly as the snowflakes turned them and their teammates into blocks of ice in an instant.

Most of them did not even see Qi Xia and his team when they were attacked.

It was not until they saw Shen Yanxiao, who was responsible for collecting the loot, came for their badges that they realized that they were under attack.

They saw only Shen Yanxiao and none of her other four team members, and yet they lost all of their badges.

So, most of those students were eliminated without any suspense.

Shen Yanxiaos super team was like a bulldozer that swept across the entire Obscure Forest.

There were occasions where some fish managed to escape the net too, but Yan Yu would throw binding magic to trap them.

Then, Qi Xia would use a flame bullet to roast them, or Yang Xi would knock them unconscious with his shield.

Even though he was a priest with no attack skills, Yan Yus binding magic was utilized to the greatest extent.

As long as he caught a student in his view, they would not be able to escape his magic.

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