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Chapter 1629: Eating Vinegar (7)

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Shen Yanxiao did not know when she sat on a chair.

She vaguely felt that Xiu had pulled her over and pressed her down.

Please forgive her for her shock.

As a young lady who had been pure for two lifetimes, it was hard for her pure heart to accept that someone she admired had done such an impure thing in public.

As for Vermilion Bird, he was dragged to a corner by Taotie.

Regarding his master being almost eaten, Vermilion Bird was thoroughly dumbstruck.

He just silently followed Taotie to the corner to rear mushrooms.

Qi Xia, Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi had yet to recover from their shock.

Shen Yanxiao continued to be in an ostrich-like state.

Seeing this, Shen Siyu felt a headache.

The only normal one was a certain great master who had just kissed his lover.


The study was still silent.

Shen Siyu sighed.

“Youve been to the main battlefield of the war between gods and devils.”

“What” Shen Yanxiao suddenly looked up and her blank mind finally recovered its senses when she received the shocking news.

“Weve been there” Qi Xia raised his brow.

“Where is it”

“The Scar of Oblivion,” Shen Siyu said.

“The Scar of Oblivion How is that possible” Tang Nazhi could not believe it.

They had all gone to the Scar of Oblivion to rescue the slaves, but they did not discover anything strange there.

Other than the inhumane slave owners and those despairing slaves, only the nobles who came to play would stay there.

Shen Siyu said, “When Asura and Satan were sealed in the mysterious ice, the armies of the six major races allied together to eliminate the remnant forces of the Devil race.

They used the valley that extends endlessly from the Scar of Oblivion to completely eliminate the Devil race that invaded the Brilliance Continent.

However, at that time, the Devil races army was incomplete and it was not considered a major war.

It could only be regarded as the final cleanup.

Therefore, not many people knew about it.

The five spirit beasts had been arranged to stay in other areas at that time and so, they were not very clear about it.

However, I am certain that this was the last battlefield.”

As the god that sealed the passage, Shen Siyu experienced the last battle.

After ensuring that the Devil army had been completely eliminated, he then began to seal the passage.

The war between the gods and the devils had lasted for a long time.

Thousands of battles had occurred in almost every corner of the Brilliance Continent.

Hundreds of battles had been fought in the Forsaken Land alone.

No one knew how many battles the Scar of Oblivion had experienced.

“But when we went to the Scar of Oblivion, we did not find any suitable buildings.

Dont tell me the Broken Star Palace is built underground” Tang Nazhi was puzzled.

Back then, the Broken Star Palace was built by human heroes and not some shady demon.

So, there was no need for them to live underground.

Shen Siyu shook his head.

“The Scar of Oblivion is larger than you can imagine.

What you saw there was merely the entrance to the Scar of Oblivion.

I believe that the foundation of the Broken Star Palace might be hidden in the depths of the Scar of Oblivion.

It has been thousands of years since a human has set foot there.”

Due to the existence of the market, the real pathway to the Scar of Oblivion was concealed.

Therefore, everyone believed that the Scar of Oblivion was what they saw.

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However, Shen Siyus words had thoroughly crushed that theory.

No one would doubt the words of this god who had experienced the last battle between gods and devils.

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