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Chapter 1626: Eating Vinegar (4)

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Like a snail, Shen Yanxiao dawdled around the room for a long time before she slowly opened the door, but Xiu was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, it was Taotie who sat at the door with a bag of steamed buns in his arms.

When he heard the door opening, he looked up and blinked his eyes foolishly when he saw Shen Yanxiaos ruddy complexion.


“Master, have some steamed buns.” Taotie lovingly stretched out his hands with a steamed meat bun in them.

“Wheres… Xiu” Shen Yanxiao cleared her throat and tried to cover up her previous unnatural behavior.

Taotie pointed towards the study.

“Qi Xia called Lord Xiu away.”

“…” Shen Yanxiao facepalmed.

Had she been delayed in the room for too long

Pulling the foodie with her, Shen Yanxiao walked towards the study.

Along the way, her mood fluctuated as she imagined ten thousand different reactions when she saw Xiu again.

However, when she pushed open the door and saw the cold figure seated on the chair, the emotions that she had managed to dispel with great difficulty surged into her mind once again.

The numbness on her lips seemed to be reminding her of what had happened earlier on.

Her originally valiant and spirited aura immediately shattered into pieces.

“Xiaoxiao, what are you standing there for Come on in.” Tang Nazhi sat in the study and waved his hands enthusiastically when he saw Shen Yanxiao standing there in a daze.

It was rare that Xiu had the time to talk to them.

Even though he did not speak more than ten words, it was enough to make Tang Nazhi excited.

Oh oh oh!

The War God!

The living War God!

He was the ultimate idol of many youths in the Brilliance Continent.

Even though he had met Xiu several times, Tang Nazhi was still unable to remain calm.

If he were not afraid of getting sent flying by Shen Yanxiao, he would not mind immediately worshiping Xiu.

Shen Yanxiao made a fuss and walked in with a muffled voice.

She did not dare to look up and meet that pair of eyes.

But even if she lowered her head, she could still feel that gaze locking onto her.

“What are you talking about” Shen Yanxiao pretended to be calm as she spoke.

However, she could not help but look at Xiu from the corner of her eyes.

Even though he was only seated close to her, she seemed to be able to sense Xius aura surrounding her.

It was as if she was drowning in it.

“Im talking about the Broken Star Palace.

Lord Xiu said that the reason why the Broken Star Palace had concealed itself so deeply was very likely because it is located in a restricted area and rarely could anyone approach it.

Therefore, no one has discovered it.” Tang Nazhi said.

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“Forbidden area Could it be the battlefield of the war between gods and devils” Shen Yanxiaos attention was finally pulled back like a wild horse that had lost its reins.

“Its possible.

Those who founded the Broken Star Palace were all survivors from the war between gods and devils.

The restricted area that others feared is extremely familiar to them.

After the war, there were countless deaths and injuries.

It is very likely that they would choose to build their forces in the last battlefield.” Qi Xia touched his chin.

They had thought wrongly previously and had paid too much attention to the hidden places deep in the mountains.

However, in the Brilliance Continent, there seemed to be no other places that people dared not approach other than a few restricted areas.

The Broken Star Palace had always been well hidden.

It was very likely that they had chosen a restricted area that no one dared to enter.

If it were not for Xius words, they probably would not have found the correct location even if they had searched the entire Brilliance Continent.

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