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Chapter 1614: To Be Completely Convinced (2)

The gentle and pleasant female voice carried a tone that was above everything else.

Qin Ge slowly recognized the voice.

Looking at the petite and somewhat excessive peer before him, a shocking thought formed in Qin Ges mind.

“Lord” Qin Ge tried to sound them out, but his question caused Su Feihuan to widen his eyes.

Lord Shen Yanxiao

How was that possible

Su Feihuan would rather believe that the person before him was that straightforward young man than Shen Yanxiao!

A Second-Class Summoner, a Second-Class Magic Archer, a Great Herbalist, a young lady who possessed the entire Forsaken Land, and the person that caused the four countries to tremble in fear was the thief god they had been thinking about

This world was a fantasy!

The black-robed person did not seem to be surprised by Qin Ges guess.

They slowly removed the mask on their face and revealed their appearance that would cause the world to lose its color.

There was also an unforgettable smile on their lips.

Even though he was mentally prepared, the shock in his heart could not calm down for a long time after he saw Shen Yanxiaos appearance.

“Its really you…” Su Feihuan widened his mouth and could not believe his eyes.

How old was Shen Yanxiao She seemed to be younger than him by two years, but with her current achievements, any random achievement could make the world worship her.

Even if she devoted her entire life, it would be hard for her to achieve one of them.

However, Shen Yanxiao had grasped all these unparalleled powers in her hands.

Su Feihuan finally understood why those people were secretly calling Shen Yanxiao a monster.

Thats right, a monster!

Only a monster could possess such terrifying strength at the age of fifteen.

Su Feihuan even suspected that Shen Yanxiao had spent all her time training herself other than eating and drinking.

“You dont have to be so shocked.

All visitors from afar are guests.

I was only joking with you.” Shen Yanxiao said with a smile.

She did not feel guilty about stripping them naked.

Qin Ge and Su Feihuans expressions changed.

They had practically excluded Shen Yanxiao from the suspect list at the very first instance.

However, they did not expect that the girl they thought was the most impossible outcome was the answer they had been searching for.

“Since weve already met, why dont the both of you reveal your real identities” Shen Yanxiao stared at the both of them as if she was chatting with her friends who came from afar.

“I am Qin Ge, the Leader of Silver Hands.

This is the Third-in-command of the Silver Hands, Su Feihuan.” Qin Ge accepted his fate.

“I see.

Are you here for these five treasures” Shen Yanxiao asked with a smile.

“Thats right.” Qin Ge had never encountered such a situation.

He was actually chatting with the owner of the treasures he wanted.

Even the arrogant Silver Hands had never done this befire.

Of course, no one else had the ability to catch Qin Ge and Su Feihuan on the spot.

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Shen Yanxiao chuckled and said, “These five treasures are not worth mentioning to me.

However, I have a principle.

No one can take anything that belongs to me, unless they are one of us.”

Shen Yanxiaos words made Qin Ge and Su Feihuans heart jump.

Shen Yanxiao was undoubtedly extending an olive branch to the Silver Hands.

“You seem to want these five treasures.

In that case, let me make a deal with you..”

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