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Chapter 1606: Throes of Experts (2)

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Shen Yanxiao helped Qin Ge up, and he sat down with a smile.

Qin Ge looked at Shen Yanxiao without any abnormalities.

After Gu Qingming told him that there was someone in Sun Never Sets who was better at stealing than him, Qin Ge started to be curious about the other partys identity.

Just now, he deliberately probed Shen Yanxiao and as expected, Shen Yanxiao did not notice his actions.

This was not a surprise.

When Qin Ge took action, even Gu Qingfeng could not detect it, let alone Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao might be outstanding, but Qin Ge believed that his skills would never be discovered.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Qin Ge with a smile.

He had a purse, a token, and a silver thread wrapped around his waist.

On his neck was a jade pendant the size of a pinky.

The ribbon on his shirt was smooth and should be made of gold silk.

He seemed to be dressed in a simple outfit, but in fact, he was dressed with high-grade items.

It was a pity that she had a husband now, and it was not appropriate for her to touch inside.

Otherwise, she might touch something else.


Shen Yanxiao and Qin Getested each other, but neither of them revealed anything.

“In that case, Ill have to trouble you for the time being.” Qin Ge looked at Shen Yanxiao with a smile full of righteousness.

Shen Yanxiao was young, but she was prudent in her work and did not deliberately put on a high attitude.

In that aspect, Qin Ge had a high evaluation of her.

When the Silver Hands went in and out of the palaces of the four countries, it was just like their own backyard.

They were used to seeing those high and mighty rulers, and Shen Yanxiaos kindness suited Qin Ges tastes.

“Youre welcome.

I wonder if you already have a place to stay.

If not, why dont you rest in the City Lords Mansion Itll save you the trouble of running around.” Shen Yanxiao was exceptionally hospitable as she asked them to stay.

It was rare for a passable opponent to come, and she did not want him to delay for too long.

She had arranged everything at home, everything except for raising a small flag and shouting, “Come and steal me! Come and steal me!”

“In that case, I shall do as you say.” Qin Ge secretly smiled.

This was really convenient for him.

He was determined to get his hands on those five treasures.

More importantly, Qin Ge wanted to find that thief god hidden by Shen Yanxiaos side.

If possible, he would like to recruit such a talent into the Silver Hands.

“Ill get someone to prepare a room for you.” Shen Yanxiao was very happy and did not conceal her smile.

Finally, someone came and allowed her to have good practice.

Young man, you must hang in there.

Dont be like those few from your organization.

I just made a move and you ran back with your tail between your legs.

How boring would that be

Shen Yanxiao felt sorry for Gu Qingming and the rest that had left.

She had not even started warming up before they already ran away.

What a disappointment.

“Thank you, Lord.” Qin Ge smiled happily.

Shen Yanxiao was indeed different from the rumors.

She took in someone of unknown origin just like that.

However, it must be because of his good looks.


She wondered how this adorable little lord would react if she knew that she came here to steal her treasures and poach that thief god.

As expected, Shen Yanxiao was still too young!

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The two top thieves from different worlds looked at each other with bad intentions.

They were all looking forward to the exciting days ahead.


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