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Chapter 1598: Godly Thief VS Uncanny Thieves (5)

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A few Silver Hands members were biting their handkerchiefs.

They were afraid to see Shen Yanxiao crying from anger in such an embarrassing situation.

Beauties were made of water, and they could not bear the slightest grievance.

Their hearts ached!!

Gu Qingfeng was thoroughly helpless.

He wanted to drag these few idiots out and give them a good beating.

Before they met Shen Yanxiao, these few idiots were filled with thoughts about how to embarrass this lord whose name had shocked the world.

However, after they saw her beautiful appearance, these few idiots instantly changed sides!

Gu Qingfeng reckoned that if not for him, these few idiots would not have directly sent back what they stole!

Can you have some backbone Can you have some moral principles

Have you never seen a woman before

The Silver Hands members were in a dilemma.

Shen Yanxiao stood in front of the gates of the City Lords Mansion with a smile on her face.

There was no sign ofcrying from anger.

“My lord! With just one word from you, we will seal off the entire city.

Not even a single mosquito can escape! Lets see how arrogant those Silver Hands members are!”

“Thats right! Lord, lets seal off the city.

We must capture those bastards from the Silver Hands!” They should be beaten to death for stealing from Sun Never Sets!

“The Silver Hands are nothing! We are not even afraid of the alliance of the four countries, why should we be afraid of those thieves!”

Shen Yanxiao could not help but laugh when she looked at the excited crowd.

She raised her hand to silence everyone.

With a single gesture, the noisy crowd immediately turned silent.

It could be seen how terrifying Shen Yanxiaos prestige in Sun Never Sets was.

“Everyone, dont be nervous.

Those five treasures are not lost.

I dont know whose prank this announcement is, but to reassure everyone, I will show you the five treasures.” With that said, Shen Yanxiao clapped her hands and Tang Nazhi, Qi Xia, Yang Xi, Lan Fengli and Taotie each carried a brocade box.

Everyones gaze was fixed on those five brocade boxes.

“Open it,” Shen Yanxiao said.

The five brocade boxes were opened one by one and five dazzling treasures were quietly lying inside.

The seven Silver Hands members hiding in the dark had their jaws dropped to the ground.

“White Jade Lion, Million Treasures Crystal Tree, Mirror Moon Glazed Bottle, Cloudwater Jade Ruyi… Pearl of the Azure Sea… how is that possible” The members of Silver Hands stared at those familiar treasures in shock.

They clearly stole those items the night before yesterday.

Where did Shen Yanxiao get them

“Could it be a replica Goddess… bah! Is Shen Yanxiao afraid that it would not look good if she lost them Is that why she asked someone to rush it out overnight” Another person spoke with uncertainty.

“Arent those imitations too good” Even though there was a fair distance between them and the treasures, the Silver Hands members had good eyesight.

No matter how they looked at it, those few items did not look like imitations.

Gu Qingming slightly frowned and the other sixs gazes were all on him.

Gu Qingming subconsciously wanted to open the interspatial ring to check if there were any problems.

However, when he infused his energy into the interspatial ring to open it, he discovered…

There was no reaction from the interspatial ring at all!

“Whats going on” Gu Qingming was surprised and tried again.

The result was still the same.

Finally, Gu Qingming noticed something amiss.

The interspatial ring on his hand was clearly a copper ring that was plated with gold!

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